A Series Of Unfortunate Events Teases More Terrible Deeds At The Hands Of Count Olaf

Credit: Netflix

With less than a month until season two of A Series of Unfortunate Events hits Netflix, the streaming service has released the first full trailer and it shows the Baudelaire children just fighting to survive.

When we left them at the end of the first season, the children had been delivered to a boarding school for their own safety. It seems that nowhere is safe from the nefarious attacks from Neil Patrick Harris’s Count Olaf.

The new trailer also reintroduces the other set of children we met at the end of the last season. We discover that both (?) sets of their parents are involved in something that gives the six children something in common.

As with all the other trailers, we see a number of the disguises that Harris’s Count Olaf uses in order to try and trick his way into the children’s lives and to confuse the adults that should be looking out for them.

There is no doubt we are in for an interesting season two. With the new season due to drop on Netflix on March 30th there is just enough time to fit in a season one rewatch. What better way to spend the Easter weekend than eating chocolate and watching season two?

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events lands on Netflix on March 30th.

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