4YE’s TV Reels Feels For March 4th Through March 10th

This week, one of our faves turned 100 and gave us a lot to love and have feels about. Plus, a different Versace star took the lead, while Legends made us really happy.

Check out our feels for the week!

Top performer

Bec: I’m gonna wait until next week to heap my Jessica Jones praise. That way I won’t feel too bad if I accidentally get a bit spoiler-y. If you want to know what I think now, then read my review here. That out of the way, I’m going to give it to The Flash’s Grant Gustin this week. His performance in “Enter Flashtime” was amazing from start to finish, especially as the lack of options and desperation builds over the course of the episode. It’s honestly one of the best performances that he’s given in the show’s four seasons. I could practically feel his sheer exhaustion through the screen. It also shows how much an actor can do when given some new material to revitalize him. (Especially when stuck in an overarching plot that feels pretty repetitive.) The scene where Barry goes to Iris and confesses that he can’t save the city this time… I cried. Gustin made me cry. I was wiping tears off my computer as I wrote my recap. You make me cry. You get best something of the week. That’s the rule.

Stephanie: Everyone on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was stellar this week but Chloe Bennet really hit a home run. She had the emotions of her interactions with Coulson exactly right. She was angry, hurt, upset, scared, and, at the core, sad. Her tearful confession that she would be nothing without Coulson hit me right in the heart. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s 100th episode was a big callback to the first episode and Daisy’s breakdown was part of that. She’s come so far since hiding in a van in an alleyway, and Chloe Bennet has shown us that transition with grace and poignancy.

Clare: While Darren Criss was magnificent as per usual, it was Penelope Cruz in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’s “Ascent” that really impressed me this week. Getting to see more of her backstory and her relationship with her brother was really interesting and getting the comparison of her here when Gianni is forced to give the reins of the company to her to when she has no choice but to take control following his murder a few years later was wonderful. Seeing her growth and her gaining in self-confidence and owning her power and creativity was great, made even more poignant with International Women’s Day.

Verena: My vote this week goes to This Is Us’s Lyric Ross. I was definitely one of the people who enjoyed getting a glimpse at Deja’s life in “This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life”. To me, the insights into her life (before coming to live with Randall and Beth) were as important as the glimpses into William’s life last season, and I don’t agree with those viewers who thought they took away from the main story. Deja has become a very vital part of the Pearson’s life, and i thought it necessary to show how she got there. Ross did a wonderful job at taking us on that journey. She was definitely the highlight of this stand-alone episode.

Top episode

Bec: “Enter Flashtime” is it for me this week. Is the premise a little gimmicky? Sure. Gimmicks work, however, when executed well. The people over on The Flash did it very well. It was fascinating to see Barry and the other speedsters in sustained movement, moving so fast the world is still. We never see them like that, especially what it would do their bodies. Plus, the writers did bring up the options before discardiplung them. It’s better than the “oh damn, we’re doomed” reaction. It shows that everyone was thinking about how to solve the problem. That Barry and Iris scene? It was one of realest and rawest WestAllen moments in the series.. More importantly, it felt like a much needed break from the DeVoe plot.

Stephanie: S.H.I.E.L.D. hit their 100th episode this week so you better believe that’s my top episode. “The Real Deal” wasn’t the most action-packed episode, or the most shocking, or even the cleverest. But it was exactly the kind of episode I was looking for from this show. It was heartfelt and touching. The focus was on the core, original team members, especially Coulson and FitzSimmons, and I was happy with (almost) every part.

Clare: The X-Files’ “Familiar” was so creepy, but such a joy to watch. This is classic X-Files and everything that is good about this series. Filled with surprises, spooks, awesome Mulder/Scully banter and witchcraft, it truly belongs among the great X-Files episodes. This 11th season has truly been awesome and I can’t believe we only have two more episodes left. With those two shaping up to be mythology rather than these fantastic monster-of-the-week’s, they have a lot to live up to and I hope they don’t bring down an otherwise outstanding season.

Verena: I loved, loved, loved this week’s episode of Jane The Virgin. Four seasons in and this show continues to surprise me with ridiculous storylines, and over the top acting, taken straight out of a telenovela. It’s exactly what I need in my life. This week had Jane obsess over a bad review and a mean critic (which, let’s be real, is incredibly relatable), had Petra explore her bisexuality (and with Rosario Dawson, of all people!!!), and shook us to the core with the final scene … This show is like a rollercoaster, and we can’t help but love to ride it.

Top moment

Bec: I’m admittedly not a huge Damien Darhk fan. Mainly because I just don’t like overpowered villains. I just know him from Legends. I don’t even have Arrow related issues. I have to admit that the scene with Nora when he brought her hot chocolate and apologized for dragging her into this? It was oddly…sweet? I don’t know if sweet is the right word, but it’s been a moment that’s stuck with me. Going on the father-daughter theme? There was a great moment in Black Lightning between Anissa and Jefferson when he finally accepts that his daughter is going to do this. He wants to train her. He also got real with her that he sometimes screws up as a superhero as well. The fact that he wants Anissa to be the kind of great hero that she wants to be? It was just…I’m a sucker for father-daughter dynamics. Oh! Also Harry sharing with Jesse the memories of her mother that he can’t bring himself to physically tell her by using a thought sharing device.

Stephanie: FitzSimmons got married! I did not expect this would happen so soon but I’m thrilled. Coulson was right; they shouldn’t delay a single second longer, especially considering the number of times these two have been torn apart by time and space. Their wedding was beautiful and small, with Mack as Best Man and Daisy and May standing beside Simmons. A wonderful way to end the 100th episode.

Clare: All hail Darren Criss and his ability to say so much with just his eyes and facial expressions. When he walked in and witnessed the brutal murder of Lincoln Aston, the shock, the horror as well as fear for his own life was all perfectly captured in Criss’ face. There is a reason that Criss is basically a shoe-in for a nomination in every limited series best actor award in the award season later this year. This was just another perfect example of that.

Verena: I didn’t hate this week’s Arrow episode. Not to be dramatic, but that’s a pretty big deal. Having Thea back in the Speedy suit, and Roy back in Star City gave me all the feels to feel, and had my nostalgia for better times (and seasons kick in hard). My two favorite moments were Thea and Roy’s first reunion, and the following heart-to-heart Thea and Oliver shared. We have not been getting enough Queen sibling screen time in the last few seasons, and I miss it.

Most disappointing

Bec: Can we take a hot second to talk about whatever the hell was going on with the MASSIVE Love, Simon plug on Riverdale? It ended up being relevant to plot, but it was such a distracting plug. Like remember that plague of characters talking about features in cars that was clearly an ad in the middle of the episode and we all knew it was an ad? Like…no. Just no.

Stephanie: No Philinda kiss? Really, S.H.I.E.L.D.? How much longer do you expect me to wait? Because… I’ll do it but you better believe I’m going to complain. Loudly.

Clare: I don’t often find this, but This Is Us’ “This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life” was just… boring. I wasn’t engaged, I wasn’t vested in the action and basically just tuned out for the hour. I like the character of Deja, but I’m more vested in the Pearson’s and their extended family and that was just lacking this week.

Verena: Bec’s comment just made me laugh out loud. I am the first person to storm into cinemas to watch Love, Simon once it gets released in the UK, but that Riverdale stunt was honestly cheap. You don’t need this, Greg.


“Well I wish we could stay longer but my boss was just murdered by a gorilla.” – Ava Sharpe (Legends Of Tomorrow)

Sara: “Rory-”
Mick: “Crush a six pack.”
Sara: “You do what you do.” -Giving out assignments of Legends Of Tomorrow

Daisy: “No. Not without you. You found me alone in an alley, and you gave me everything. A home, a belief, solid ground to stand on. That was all you! You were what I believe in.”
Coulson: “You believe in yourself. And you should.”
Daisy: “Not if you want a symbol. You are the symbol. There is no SHIELD without you! There’s nothing without you!” – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Scully: “Thanks for backing me up out there.”
Mulder: “Yeah. You’re my homie.” – The X-Files

“I’m sorry Cheryl, but you have to know your mother is wrong. You’re not loveless. You’re not deviant, okay? You’re sensational.” – Toni Topaz, giving the kind of pep-talk we all deserve on Riverdale

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