4YE’s TV Reel Feels For March 11th Through March 17th

We had a little bit of everything with this week’s choices as some new shows found their way onto our list and gave us new things to love.

Check out our TV Reels Feels choices for this week!

Top Performer

Clare: Shock horror, I’m not listing Darren Criss as my Top Performer this week – I always like to keep you guessing. No this week my Top Performer is David Duchovny in The X-Files’ “Nothing Lasts Forever”. Duchovny was on fire in this episode. His comic timing, always pretty spot on, was just cracking this week. Whether bantering with Scully or getting a rise out of the local law enforcement, he landed every joke perfectly. However, Duchovny can also act the hell out of a serious scene and some of the exchanges with Scully, particularly the various ones in the Church, were fantastic. A brilliant episode all round, with a stellar performance from Duchovny.

Bec: Let’s freaking talk about Jessica Jones, y’all! Krysten Ritter is my top pick of performer for the week. It’s still a crime that she didn’t get an Emmy for her work in season one of Jessica Jones. It’ll still be a crime when she gets looked over again this go around. No one embodies a character quite as well as Ritter embodies Jessica. Her pain, her vulnerability, her asshole-ness, she’s handling it all effortlessly. There’s no one I’d rather root for a happy ending then Ritter’s Jessica. (Also shout-out to Candice Patton who was clearly having the time of her life as a speedster in “Run, Iris, Run”)

Verena: My vote goes to Rose McIver. I have long since been convinced that iZombie is one of the most underrated shows on this planet, and this week’s episode was just fantastic. We knew McIver could pull of romance ever since she starred in the tropey masterpiece that is The Christmas Prince, but Liv on a romantic’s brain? Even more hilarious! I will be seriously pissed if this show gets cancelled, because her performance in this episode alone deserves awards.

Emmy: I’m going to go with Bec on this one and give it up to Krysten Ritter for her turn all season long for Jessica Jones. Her performance as Jessica has always been top-notch, especially last season, and I honestly did not think it could get any better but it did. Her scenes with both Janet McTeer and Rachael Taylor really brought out her strength as an actress and as Jessica.

Top Episode

Clare: After finding out just how Jack died, this was the This Is Us episode we have been waiting for all season… Kate’s wedding. And it didn’t disappoint. While she was seriously stressing me out with her little errands on the day of her wedding, the fact that we got that closure for her and acceptance of her Dad’s death was a great pay-off. Likewise, her scene with her Mum after she’s finally dressed and ready to head off and be married was majorly tear-inducing. I loved Kevin and Randall’s wedding speeches and Kate’s dream of her parent’s wedding anniversary (so heartbreakingly beautiful). However, to leave us with those flash-forwards… This Is Us what are you doing to us? Now we know how Jack died you’re finding new ways to torture us all????!!!! It’s going to be a long summer hiatus.

Bec: “AKA Three Lives And Counting” from Jessica Jones. I’m glad that Kilgrave remains dead as a doorknob. That being said, there is nothing quite as interesting as deep delve into a character’s mind. When Jessica is clearly on the edge of a (possibly long-overdue) nervous breakdown, it’s fascinating that Kilgrave returns as a voice to her worse doubts and anger at herself. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a piece of shit. But the dynamic that Ritter and Tennant established in the first season makes for a compelling mental battle in this episode. Plus, hopefully, the way Jessica banishes Kilgrave in the end gives her some more closure that snapping his neck didn’t handle.

Verena: I’m not sure that there was an episode this week that really stood out for me. I’ve watched some good ones, and many more that were merely meh. I guess I was too busy binging both seasons of One Day at a Time, which is one of the most interesting and amazing shows I have seen all year. So yeah, there’s that. #SaveOneDayAtATime.

Emmy: “Creator/Destroyer” is my choice for the week because I didn’t think anyone could be creeping and more repulsive than Andrew Cunanan but dammit, I was wrong. Jon Jon Briones’ Modesto matched Darren Criss’ Cunanan tit for tat in every way, and it was haunting to see how much alike father and son were.

Top Moment

Clare: The final scene between Darren Criss’ Andrew Cunanan and his father, Modesto, played by Jon Jon Briones in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’s “Creator/Destroyer” was electrifying. Andrew confronting his father over the discovery that his whole life was basically a lie is yet another example of why this series is must-see TV. The story is intriguing, the cast is perfect, the direction is amazing and the aesthetics as a whole are captivating. There was so much going on in this scene that lays the groundwork for the way Andrew behaves and reacts to things later in life. Criss and Briones just bounce off each other so well and take the viewer on their journey.

Bec: A nice WestAllen moment from The Flash this week, but the way Barry makes sure that Iris wants to give him back the speedster powers was very sweet. The times Barry has lost his powers, previously? He wants them back. But with them in Iris? He knows that she has things handled and puts her own happiness over his desire to be a hero. A second is Ray’s little funeral for Axel the rat on Legends. He’s such a good friend and knew that Mick needed closure. Even if Mick didn’t say it out loud.

Verena: And the award for most dramatic performance goes to Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale! That whole speech at the will reading, plus her swan-like loss of consciousness were just too much to handle. I love Riverdale not despite its dramatics, but because of it. It wouldn’t be half as fun if everyone was calm and collected. Possibly my favorite moment on TV this week!

Emmy: Trixie Mattel winning the crown in RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3. Kitty girl did the damn thing.

Most Disappointing

Clare: If you’ve followed my writing on this site, you’d know I’m a massive Gleek, so when I heard about Rise, I was intrigued. While I couldn’t imagine it quite living up to Glee, as a theatre tragic, the premise of the show was right up my alley. Unfortunately, for me, the “Pilot” just didn’t do it for me. I was entertained, but I was sucked in like I was with Glee. I did like the use of the songs and there were some great choices, but it just felt too much like Glee’s darker, more serious cousin trying valiantly to appeal to the same audience but lacking the lightness, fun, and love and passion for the arts and each other that Glee had. I know this is only the pilot and I will be giving it another go, but so far it definitely feels awfully familiar (and boy were there so many lines and scenes that were almost straight from Glee), just not as captivating.

Bec: WHAT THE HELL, TRISH WALKER?! This season of Jessica Jones really made me not like the character of Trish. Mainly because how she puts her own issues and problems above everyone else’s. She’s the one who looked into IGH. She got addicted to Simpson’s power drug. She’s the one who wants superpowers. She wants to be special, but at the cost of literally everyone else. At one point, Malcolm gets called out as being nice for the wrong reasons, trying to be a hero in order to make himself feel better. (Paraphrasing there.) It clearly applies more to Trish, who sees the world in a binary that can’t quite function. I hope now that she has her stupid powers that she learns that nothing is as black and white as she wants the world to be. Congrats Trish freaking Walker, you’re a special snowflake. But at what cost? (Despite all of this Rachael Taylor is amazing and I love her.)

Verena: Unfortunately I have to agree with Clare on Rise. I was very excited for this project, and while I like how contemporary it feels, it does indeed feel like a darker version of Glee or High School Musical. Doesn’t mean it’s not working, because I think the fantastic cast can convince me to continue watching. Still, there wasn’t really anything new or original about it, and I was really hoping there would. However, I was also disappointed by This Is Us. I was expecting more, and it felt like the wedding episode was a bit of a let-down. It certainly didn’t feel like a finale. Underwhelming!

Emmy: That twist with the eliminated queens getting to pick who the top 2 were still has me raging almost a week later. Seriously bad move because it cheated Shangela out of fighting for the crown.

Top Quote

“I bragged to my friends about your success. You were everything to me Dad, but it’s a lie. And if you’re a lie, well then I’m a lie and I can’t be a lie. I can’t.” –
The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

The moral of this story is, ‘if your long-dead parents show up alive, bury them back again’.” – Jessica Jones laying down some freaking wisdom to us all

Liv trying to comfort a grieving fiance: “I understand. Most of my boyfriends have died in terrible ways, too.” –



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