The Flash Tries To Save The Fiddler From The Thinker In “Subject 9”

Credit: The CW

Welcome back Flash fans!

Well the Olympic hiatus has ended, it’s time to return to Barry and company. Let’s refresh our memories what happened the last time. The Warden tried to sell the metas (Barry included) to Amunet Black. So the truly villainous bus metas plus Barry and Becky Sharpe escaped. Last minute, however, the Warden betrays Barry to get the bus metas to turn on him. Becky protects Barry. Then DeVoe 2.0 (Clifford in Dominic’s body) comes along. He takes the powers of everyone and ends up in Becky’s body (DeVoe 3.0). He then uses the Bliss tears from the Weeper to drug his wife into staying.

Meanwhile, Barry gets out of prison because Ralph uses his new shapeshifting powers to have DeVoe’s original body come back from the dead.

…Man this show is weird sometimes.

So let’s get see how the Flash comes back, shall we?

Indefinite: Barry returns to work, but Singh tells Barry some don’t really believe the truth of his innocence. The Mayor currently wants Barry to take an indefinite leave of absence. At STAR Labs, Barry, Caitlin, and Iris agree that he needs to prove DeVoe is alive. For real. They need to find the four other metas. Ralph and Cisco come with the lost and found of the meta bus. We also learn that Cisco has been sleeping on Ralph’s suspiciously damp futon. They find a CD for Izzy Bowan, a country musician. Cisco vibes where she’s playing, and Barry takes the reluctant Ralph to find Izzy. DeVoe 3.0’s watches Izzy but says she’s not ready. Apparently, all the dark matter that he’s been absorbing is tearing down Becky’s body rapidly. They need Izzy, even though she isn’t ready. Unfortunately, Barry and Ralph have arrived at the bar.

Big Break: Barry and Ralph approach Izzy to try and talk about her meta powers and DeVoe 3.0’s desire for her powers. She, however, is not very interested in their help and uses a soundwave attack to deafen them. Harry meets Cecile at Jitterz, who needs her one cup of coffee a day. Joe’s dreams via her telepathy is keeping her up all night. Harry offers to help. Menwhile, Team Flash tracks down Izzy and so has DeVoe 3.0. He tells Barry that he’s not smart enough to deal with him and uses Kilg%re’s power to take them down. Izzy uses her power and is able to take down DeVoe to everyone’s shock. At STAR Labs, Izzy is pissed that DeVoe 3.0 has seemingly taken away her dream. She’s ready to leave, especially when Barry and Ralph reveal their identities. She doesn’t want training or to lose her chance for stardom. Ralph goes to talk with her, promising that the team will keep Izzy safe. It does the trick and Izzy agrees to stay. Meanwhile, DeVoe 3.0 and Marlize are fighting. Marlize thinks that the repeated conscious transference has disrupted DeVoe’s mind. Marlize promises not to get too emotional next time. At STAR Labs, Izzy is given a new fiddle to focus her powers and Ralph as an opponent. Cecile goes to visit Harry because his invention is ten pounds on her head. Harry has a tantrum, and Cecile yells at him. A few hours later, Izzy hasn’t landed another hit on Ralph. While she takes a break, Barry and Iris discuss what to do. They don’t have a lot of time to train Izzy. They need to push her if they want to get ahead of DeVoe. Barry does a moving target exercise with Izzy, who is very good at it. Her arm, however, gets hit by a piece of shrapnel.

Crush: Barry and Iris talk about Izzy and how Barry is pushing her. Barry admits to pushing her because he feels guilty about what happened at Iron Heights. DeVoe is ruthless, but Iris tells Barry that they can’t be. Heroes aren’t made overnight. Barry should keep it in mind. Harry comes to give Cecile the new mental dampener. He also tells her that he wants to be friends with her. She asks him about the dampener and it gives him an idea. Izzy is upset that she got hurt. Ralph tries to stop her, but Izzy blows him away. Meanwhile, Harry presents the device, the cerebral inhibitor, to the team. Barry and Iris remember Savitar talking it and are hopeful that it could work. They want to go after DeVoe with Izzy, but Ralph comes in to tell them that she’s in the wind because of Barry. Barry admits that he did wrong, but they need to find her. Cisco vibes for Izzy and finds her about to face DeVoe 3.0, who knows Cisco is there and blows him out of the vibe. Ralph and Barry head out to the warhouse district to save Izzy and stop DeVoe.

Bravo: Izzy tries to defeat DeVoe on her own, but Becky’s power snaps her fiddler. Barry distracts DeVoe for Ralph to put the inhibitor on. DeVoe 3.0 uses Dominic’s and Grundman’s powers to knock out Barry and Ralph. Izzy gets the inhibitor on DeVoe 3.0, but Deacon’s powers fry it. A forcefield blocks Barry and Ralph from getting to Izzy, who is trapped with DeVoe 3.0. DeVoe then jumps into Izzy’s body as Ralph begs her to keep looking at him. DeVoe 4.0 rubs salt in the wound, telling Ralph that he will be spending the weekend with his wife. While he has six powers, he also has a seventh. He grabs the chair and jumps back, leaving Barry and Ralph heartbroken. Back at STAR Labs, Ralph is devastated by Izzy’s loss. Team Flash also tries to figure out what to do next. Harry blames himself because his cerebral inhibitor failed. After all, Savitar never said it worked. They are able to figure out that DeVoe’s lair is in a pocket dimension. Barry tells Iris that they can’t rush this. Cecile thanks Harry for his help while Cecile tells Harry that he should call his daughter. DeVoe 4.0 plays for Marlize, who informs her husband that everything is back on schedule. Barry goes to visit Ralph who is sitting in his office listening to Izzy’s music. Ralph then offers Barry a chance to be his partner in a sweet moment of friendship: Dibny and Allen, P.I.! They’re going to find the other bus metas, and then take DeVoe down.

Bec Heim