RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Recap: The Claws Are Out On “The Bitchelor” This Week

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Hey squirrel friends, Emmy is out this week so I’m taking over this week’s recap of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars and all I can hope is that I don’t f*ck it up.

Last week we lost Thorgy, and it was revealed that BenDeLaCreme would have also sent Thorgy home, and oh my did Milk turn sour of this. Girl needs to chill out and realise behaviour like that is not going to endear her to the other girls, and they are the ones she needs to rely on for when she hits the bottom two.

Onto this week’s show proper – eight queens are still standing in their battle to become the next Drag All Star and this week it is an improvisation acting challenge. The queens are battling it out to win the affection of unReal‘s Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman in The Bitchelor. The queens were paired up and given characters to help them win the eggplant.

BenDeLaCreme and BeBe Zahara Benet – Cougar and Virgin
Aja and Kennedy Davenport – Needy Girl and Party Girl
Trixie Mattel and Milk – Fake Bitch and Stalker
ChiChi Devayne and Shangela – Polyamorous Couple 

Again this week there was no mini-challenge, it was straight into the maxi challenge, and it has to be said that not all the queens shone in the challenge. Some of the queens were hysterically funny, some were in the words of Aja “just meh” and some queens need to realise life is very different in the world of Drag Race since their season.

Even though there was no mini-challenge, there was still room for drama in the workroom after Milk said she would have sent Kennedy home because Thorgy had more interesting looks. There is a definite line in the workroom being drawn and if she isn’t careful Milk will discover that most of the queens have developed an allergy to dairy.

The catwalk challenge was Wigs on Wigs on Wigs, inspired by previous All Star Roxxy Andrews with guest judges Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and his unReal co-star Constance Zimmer. There is no doubt that these All Stars are bringing their A-Game to the catwalk this season, it is just that a couple of them aren’t playing in the same league as everyone else.

For me, I have to say my top Queen of the week would have been Trixie Mattel and here’s hoping she can kill it in the Snatch Game next week and get her well-earned lip sync opportunity. I agree with two of the three bottom queens and don’t think Aja deserved to be in the final three.

Worst Performance: ChiChi Devayne

Runner-Up For Worst Performance: Milk

Bottom Three: Milk, Aja and ChiChiDevayne

Top Two: BenDeLaCreme (for the THIRD time) and Kennedy Davenport

Song for the Lip Sync: “Green Light” by Lorde

Winner of the Lip Sync For Your Legacy: Kennedy Davenport

Chante You Stay: ChiChi Devayne and Aja

Sashay Away: Milk

Next week the girls are playing the Snatch Game and we are gagging for it and to see who comes out to play.

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