Prepare For Legion Season 2 With New FX Sizzle Reel Footage

Credit: Marvel Studios

Alright, Marvelites. We are just two months from what is looking to be an absolutely epic second season of the mind-bending FX series Legion. The first season really showed up and threw us for a loop and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. As a fan of the show, I can’t wait to continue to have my mind blown by the psychedelic, psychological thriller for the second time. You think I’m kidding I’m not.

Lucky for me and other fans of the show—though, really, if you’re not watching it, you really should get caught up asap because it’s marvelous. Pun intended.–FX released some much needed new footage in their most recent sizzle reel. The sizzle reel includes Legion as well as footage from the last season of The Americans, Ryan Murphy’s new show Pose and others.

The second season of Legion starts one year after the season one finale. David (Dan Stevens) has been captured by Division 3. Oliver (Jemaine Clement) and Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) are on the way to someplace warm and Melanie (Jean Smart), Syd (Rachel Keller), Kerry and Cary (Amber Midthunder and Bill Irwin), and Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) are all on the search for David, Oliver, and Lenny. From the looks of the footage—which starts at the 1:02 mark—the Summerland crew do manage to find David but what happens to David while he’s in the Pokeball of doom?

“I just wanted to be normal,” the psychokinetic mutant says to an unseen character. “Does this look normal to you?”

Of course, nothing in poor David’s life is normal. It’ll be interesting to see how showrunner and executive producer Noah Hawley handles all of these changes. Hawley has mentioned that he’s toyed around with the idea that the first season of Legion “was the story of an insane man in a sane world” and that then, “I was interested in looking at David now being the sane man in an insane world”. Apparently, this new season of Legion introduces the idea that the Summerland crew aren’t all who they say they are. Couple that with the search for Oliver (who is obviously very important to Melanie) and it’s anyone’s guess as to what is going to happen.

For now, though, we have little glimpses of what’s to come in April. Oliver and Lenny make it to someplace warm and are clearly having a nice time lounging by the pool and getting their tans on. David gets rescued by Syd and there looks to be another epic dance sequence and Plaza and Clement. Hopefully, no food poisoning was involved in the filming of that sequence.

You can watch the sizzle reel for FX below. The exact premiere date for Legion hasn’t been confirmed but it will be released sometime in April.

Shelby Arnold
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