Olivia Colman Reveals When Filming Starts On The Crown Season Three

Credit: Getty Images

Shortly before the second season of Netflix’s acclaimed original show The Crown returned, it was announced that Olivia Colman (Broadchurch) would take over the crown from Claire Foy and portray Britain’s longest reigning monarch in seasons three and four.

Since then, it has been rather quiet regarding casting news for the upcoming seasons, even though the show will recast its entire cast, in order for the actors to be and to look more similar in age to the characters they will play.

Although, there have been rumors that Helena Bonham Carter will play Princess Margaret and it seems like Vanessa Kirby, who portrayed the royal in seasons one and two, has confirmed it. And there have been rumors that Paul Bettany will take over Prince Philip from Matt Smith, though these rumors have quickly been cleared up as it was announced that the actor isn’t able to play Philip due to scheduling conflicts.

We are, however, not the only ones who have no clue who could join Olivia Colman in the next two seasons of The Crown.

The actress doesn’t know anything either, which she has admitted to RadioTimes.com. While she admitted that, she also let us know when filming will start for the next season, which also gives Netflix a few months more to find the rest of the cast. “I don’t start until July so I know nothing about it yet apart from they said I could do it so I’m holding them to that,” the actress reveals.

Colman might not know anything yet (or at least she says so) but she has also heard the rumors about Helena Bonham Carter joining the show and it has her just as excited as it has us: “I’ve heard that, I am so excited about that!”

While Netflix still has until July to find the rest of the cast, it also means that Colman has until then to prepare for the role, which includes talking to Claire Foy and getting some advice from her. After all, she has won a Golden Globe and two SAG Awards for her portrayal of Elizabeth II. “They – the people, the grown ups – put us in touch so I could ask her about it and she was just lovely – she’s one of the sweetest people ever and she’s brilliant,” Colman said and adds: “She’s f***ing amazing and it’s a very hard act to follow.”

Colman also added that she and her husband, actor Ed Sinclair, are big fans of the show and Claire Foy: “We are completely obsessed with The Crown anyway but whenever Claire Foy comes on he goes, ‘Oh, she’s amazing’. Watching the first series was blissful because I had no idea. With the second series, I now know I’ve got to follow in her footsteps.”

I am sure it won’t be an easy task to follow in Foy’s footsteps but I’m also confident that Colman will manage just fine and be a queen of her own.

Anna Hattingen