Octavia Spencer Will Lead The Cast In The Horror Movie Ma

Credit: Crash Iso/Silverhub/Rex/Shutterstock

Ever since The Help premiered, we have been totally in love with Octavia Spencer and her talent. This was recently sparked again with her role in The Shape of Water, for which she has been nominated for another Academy Award again. It is probably safe to say, though, that she is more well-known for her likable characters.

However, this is about to change as the Oscar-winning actress has been cast in the horror and psychological thriller Ma, according to Variety.

Octavia Spencer will team up with The Help director Tate Taylor again for the upcoming movie, as well as Luke Evans and Juliette Lewis, who will star alongside Spencer. Evans has also shared the news on his Twitter account and seems to be just as excited about the news as we are.

“It’s dark material, but it’s also really fun,” Tate Taylor, the director told Variety. “Octavia is so damn likable that we usually see her in certain roles. But she’s such a good actress and this is such a complex character that if I do my job right, people in the audience are going to want to push pause and say, ‘Can we please take you out for coffee so you don’t do what you’re about to do.’”

Playing basically the same role over and over again can be boring and is something even us non-actors can understand and thus working on the same stuff can be quite frustrating, something Taylor also notes regarding the projects he and Octavia Spencer get to work on respectively, which is why Ma offers a nice change for them both. “It was so serendipitous, because Octavia and I are always complaining about being offered the same s—, and I read this and thought, ‘Oh f—,’” Taylor said. “This is so f—ing weird and awesome and I want Octavia be the lead.”

Jason Blum, whose production company Blumhouse Productions will be the producer, is equally as thrilled to have Octavia Spencer on board for the movie: “She’s an extraordinary actress at the top of her talents right now,” Blum said. “To have her in one of our movies is just a real confirmation of the value that we’ve built with our little system.”

There is not much known yet about Spencer’s character and Taylor is secretive about it as well and only explains that he wouldn’t call her a villain but that the role is “definitely the most complex character she’s ever played, if I may be so bold as to say that.”

Ma, however, is not going to be your typical horror movie, according to Taylor: “More than being scary, it’s going to make people think,” Taylor explained. “It’s going to have meaning and purpose. At the same time, there will be all the tropes of a horror movie, where you scream and cover your eyes.”

Ma already sounds like the kind of movie that I definitely will not miss, especially because it will have Octavia Spencer as the leading lady in it.

Production on Ma will begin on Monday (February 5) in Mississippi and we will keep you updated on everything regarding the movie.

Anna Hattingen