New Tomb Raider Posters Show Alicia Vikander Ready For Action

Credit: Warner Bros.

The Lara Croft we got in the Tomb Raider reboot games was a young woman with a fierce survival instinct, a sharp mind and some handy moves in both the defence and attack lines.

During gameplay in that first reboot game, she evolves quite quickly into the self-sufficient heroine we’ve all come to know and love. She survives (or maybe reloads after not surviving….) on a hidden island protected by an angry, long-undead Queen. She’s up against cultish shipwreck survivors with murderous and perhaps cannibalistic tendencies, supernatural Royal Guards and a mad high-priest with less than good intentions toward Lara and her friends.

The first and second trailers for this Tomb Raider reboot film show Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina, The Danish Girl) looking uncannily like the young Lara of the reboot games. Fans of those games will recognise scenes and even action sequences straight from the gameplay.

In this incarnation, Lara’s journey is initiated by her determination to prove that her missing father, Lord Richard Croft (Dominic West) is still alive, and the journey takes her to the heart of the mysterious hidden island that was his last known destination. Her antagonist is, as in the first reboot game, Mathias Vogel, played here by the brilliant Walton Goggins (The Shield, The Hateful Eight).

Vogel and his mercenaries, part of a mysterious organisation called Trinity, don’t take kindly to Lara’s presence on the island, and her search for her father evolves into a fight for her survival.

The new posters released by Warner just yesterday show a Lara well into her first journey towards becoming the battle-hardened explorer and adventurer she becomes.

The posters feature Vikander as a bloodied Lara, sporting the weapons fans of the game franchise have become familiar with. She looks ready and willing to dive into any fight the island and its inhabitants care to throw at her.

Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: Warner Bros.

Tomb Raider opens in USA and UK cinemas on March 16 2018.

Carolyn Hucker