New Teaser Trailer And Posters Of The Incredibles 2 Give Plot Hints

Credit: Disney/Pixar

The Incredibles 2 has been one of those Disney and Pixar movies everyone has been looking forward to since it had been announced in April 2015. That fans cannot wait to be able to finally watch it this summer is, therefore, understandable. After all, it will be more than three years since the sequel had been announced.

The excitement got only greater when we got the first teasers for the upcoming movie. One of them was released just a couple days ago on the movie’s official Twitter page. The short teaser video shows the youngest Parr family member Jack-Jack. He’s seen sliding around on the ice and then accidentally shoots green lasers out of his eyes and destroying the curling rock. He was a bit too excited about it.

His powers haven’t been revealed yet. We can only imagine what it could be. The newest teaser trailer for the movie, which aired on Wednesday (Feb 14th) during the Olympics. It keeps us in the dark about them as well, as we can see Jack-Jack with multiple powers. They are all quite different.

Jack-Jack’s powers are not the only thing we are seeing in the new teaser. We are also getting to see what the movie could be about: Bob Parr’s struggle to cope with staying at home and trying to raise his children while his wife Helen, Elastigirl, is out there and saving the world.

It sounds like the storyline of the upcoming movie is very modern and quite timely, which makes it even more exciting to see.

Given the overall storyline, the three new teaser posters also make sense. They show the family’s superhero suits being washed and Bob ironing them.

Incredibles 2 will definitely be something I am looking forward to, especially after the newest teasers.

We won’t have to wait that much longer either as Incredibles 2 will hit theaters in the US on June 15 and about a month later on July 13  in the UK.

Anna Hattingen