John Constantine Joins DC’s Legends For An Exorcism In “Daddy Dahrkest”

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It’s a mighty good day for an exorcism! In this week’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow our heroes, joined by warlock John Constantine, fight against Mallus to save the soul of a young Nora Darhk. “Daddy Darhkest” offers great chemistry, a bunch of funny one-liners, and the one or the other demon appearance.

Star City, 2017

At the end of the mid-season finale last December, John Constantine has paid our legends a visit, and is ready to cash in a favour from none other than Sara Lance. In this week’s episode, we learn what he had been up to.  John had come to Star City to save a young girl from the clutches of a demon. However, his exorcism is unsuccessful, and the demon within tells him to find Sara Lance. Back on the Wave Rider Sara is quick to put two and two together: Constantine’s demon must be related to Mallus, therefore she decides to tag along for the girl’s exorcism.

Before they get to head off, however, Sara is contacted by Agent Ava Sharpe, who informs her that she has no new information on Rip’s situation, who is still in captivity at the Time Bureau. It is Leo that points out that Ava was only looking for a reason to speak with Sara, and insists there is clearly some mutual attraction between the women.

When the Legends head to the asylum, they run into trouble. Amaya comes face-to-face with her granddaughter Kuasa, and a fight breaks out. Nate is able to freeze Kuasa, and they take her back to the Wave Rider eventually.

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John, Leo, and Sara try to perform the exorcism, when Mallus possesses the girl, who they learn is a young Nora Darhk. Through her, Mallus sends them back in time to 1969, and they get cut off from the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, Ray and Zari try to work on a nanite pistol that combines the power of the heat and the cold gun, a device which they hope to be able to use against Mallus. However, when Sara, Leo, and John don’t return from their mission, they head to the asylum for back-up.

At the asylum, Ray and Zari meet Nora, and are able to gain her trust. They try to help her fight Mallus from within, but once the demon takes over the young girl cannot be reached. In their fight with Mallus, Zari and Ray learn that he can be injured by Zari’s totem. Through their shared connection with the demon, Nora reaches out to Sara, who herself struggles with Mallus’s power.

On the Waverider, Amaya tries to connect with Kuasa, hoping that their shared blood will convince her to listen. Kuasa blames her grandmother for not saving their village in Zambesi, and claims that Mallus has promised to do just that for her. After threatening Nate’s life, Kuasa once again leaves, re-affirming her allegiance to Mallus.

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Leo gets separated from John and Sara when he tries to send the legends a message to 2017, and is captured by the asylum staff. John and Sara escape and hide in the laundry room, where they give in to their undeniable chemistry for a quick “shag”. Eventually, though, they take the time to save Leo.

Together again, the trio tries to channel Mallus through Constantine’s power, so that Sara can perform the same spell that Nora performed to transport them back in time. Through Mallus, Sara and Nora can connect, which prevents Nora from killing Ray and Zari, and enables Sara to complete the spell that takes them back to 2017.

Ray and Zari have almost convinced Nora she is able to fight the demon within her, when her father appears, who she believes to be dead. Damien tells her that she needs to trust in Mallus, and that he is the only one who can help her bring her father back. Nora decides to join him, and the legends are back at square one – with the exception that they now know that Mallus is threatened by Zari’s totem, and she is “one of the six”.

Back on the Wave Rider the legends bid their farewell to Leo, who returns to his Earth to propose to his fiancé, and John Constantine, who claims he has a couple more demons to hunt. John also promises to be available, should Sara need any help (of the sexual kind, too, of course) in the future. In the final moments of the episode, Agent Sharpe contacts Sara once again to inform her that Rip Hunter has escaped.

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DC’s Legends return from a rather long winter break with a stellar episode. “Daddy Darhkest” is an easy mix of lively dialogue, wonderful character dynamics, and despite the inclusion of outside characters, ties them all together with a neatly tied bow. Where many of the CW’s superhero shows have been struggling this season, Legends has picked up.

Darhk is an interesting villain for the heroes, far more suited for their world of time travel shenanigans than he ever was for the Green Arrow. As his daughter Nora’s involvement becomes clearer, it also becomes more interesting. Mallus still remains an enigma, one of which we have barely scratched the surface of.

Matt Ryan’s John Constantine has been a lovely addition to the cast. He functions as a breath of fresh air, swooping in to distract Sara Lance from her mission to find Rip, only to bring her a large step closer to learning more about Mallus. John, similarly to Dahrk, fits incredibly well into the world of the Legends, and we wouldn’t mind if he returned for a few more episodes.

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Favorite Lines

Mick: I thought we gave the Englishman to the Time Pigs.
Sara: That was Rip, this is John Constantine.
Mick: Skinny Brit in a trench coat. Same thing.

Catch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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