Jessica Jones Delves Into Her Past And Searches For Monsters In Season Two Trailer

Credit: Marvel/Netflix

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is definitely a tragic figure. I don’t think anyone who has watch the show will disagree with that statement. After killing Kilgrave (David Tennant), you would think that some measure of peace would return to her life.

That’s not how Jess rolls. While Kilgrave is dead (and Midland Circle destroyed), it’s time for her to dig into the mystery surrounding her powers and IGH. IGH has something to do with her powers and whatever the hell was going on with Will Simpson aka Nuke last season.

We’re a month away from Jessica Jones season two dropping on Netflix. In celebration of this fact, Netflix and Marvel have dropped a new trailer and a poster. The poster, of course, is classic Jones.

Credit: Marvel/Netflix

While the poster is definitely awesome, the trailer is where the real meat of this lies. Fans get some new plot details for Jessica’s continuing story. It looks like Trish (Rachael Taylor) will be taking up the Hellcat mantle soon. Jessica delves deep into IGH, who apparently brought her back from the dead. Also that time in a coma? It wasn’t a coma. She also comes against someone that wants to buy Alias Investigations.

Needless to say, Jessica is investigating herself this season. It looks like she may not like what she finds.

Check out the trailer below.

Jessica Jones will premiere on March 8th.

Bec Heim