Is Firestorm Making A Comeback? Franz Drameh To Return For Legends Of Tomorrow’s Season 3 Finale

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s season three finale is shaping up to be quite the ride. It looks like we’re going to be getting quite the reunion as well with some our fan-favorite characters coming back into the fold. If anything, it appears that they are throwing all the rules out the window and giving us exactly what we want, which is our core characters coming back into the mix.

Things will definitely be heating up in the finale as Jefferson is coming back to team up with his Legends family. That’s right, Franz Drameh is set to return for the season finale. If you recall, Jefferson may his departure surely after the death of Martin Stein in the crossover event for all of the superheroes shows this year. Jefferson attempted to stick it out but ultimately decided to leave to spend more time with Martin’s family after his unexpected and very tragic death.

Jefferson’s return to the mix is the first of many for the upcoming season finale. Joining Jefferson in the finale are Jonah Hex and Constantine. Jonah Hex has already made a couple appearances on the show while audiences got to see Constantine in action with Legends this season. How Jefferson will contribute or be a part of the team is still unknown as he doesn’t have his powers yet. That being said, with the season being all about the totems and that a fire totem is one of them, that said totem might help Jefferson be able to become Firestorm once again without having a partner also be a part of Firestorm.

Jefferson certainly has been meant since his departure. His chemistry with Martin Stein was one of my favorite parts of the show and not having Firestorm has definitely been hard on the Legends.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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