In The Heights Movie Adaptation Still No Closer To Getting To The Big Screen

Credit: Joan Marcus

When it was reported way back in 2016 that Lin Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes were developing a big screen adaptation of the Tony-winning In The Heights with The Weinstein Company, fans across the world rejoiced. The project had even lined up Now You See Me director Jon M. Chu to direct it, and it seemed like it was just a case of waiting for casting news.

However, following the accusations levelled against Harvey Weinstein late last year, it seemed the project had hit a screeching halt. Screenwriter and book writer of the musical Hudes called for The Weinstein Company to release their claim to the project saying via her twitter account;

“As a woman, I can no longer do business with The Weinstein Company. To those women who suffered directly at Harvey’s hands, I extend my sincerest compassion and support. Unfortunately, my musical In the Heights is tied up in the company. In the Heights is part of my heart and soul. I created it about respect, community, and solidarity. I hope The Weinstein Company has enough grace, in the wake of these revelations, to respect my stand as a woman, and to allow us to extricate In the Heights from them. In the Heights deserves a fresh start in a studio where I’ll feel safe (as will my actors and collaborators).”

Miranda backed Hudes at the time taking to twitter saying:

Miranda and his fellow In The Heights cast and crew reunited at BroadwayCon this past weekend for a 10 year anniversary panel and the question of the movie was raised when Miranda spoke to Entertainment Weekly.

Miranda said that the creative team have made their position clear to The Weinstein Company and that there is nothing further to tell at this point: “I think that company is getting their ducks in a row and we’ll see what happens. We made our position very clear, and there’s sort of no news yet.”

This is frustrating news, as the 10 year anniversary of the show hitting Broadway would have been an amazing time to have news on the project moving forward. However we are sure that fans of the show would rather have a good and true movie adaptation of In The Heights rather than a rushed hatchet job which would tarnish the memories of the stage version.

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