Here’s What Michael B Jordan Hope Audiences Will Take Away From Black Panther

Credit: Marvel Studios

Black Panther has arrived. Let’s be real, we’re excited to rush to our nearest theatre to go see it. (Unless we have already.) Between the amazing women and men of Wakanda, we’re full on swooning up in here.

Top of the list, however, is Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jordan shared what he hoped audiences would take away from the film.

“The movie is filled with so much besides the obvious things people are gravitating towards, like the black superhero and black director and black cast. All that stuff is awesome and all true. There’s talks and conversations in the film about identity, culture, history, heritage, love, pain, sorrow, happiness — it’s a lot! I think people going into it will want to see it because it’s Marvel and they’re amazing at what they do. That gets people into the seats that are more open-minded on what they’re gonna leave with.”

He also talked about his longtime friendship and working relationship with director Ryan Coogler.

“He’s a director who will be right there in the trenches with his actors working. Sometimes when we’re playing these characters, we get put in uncomfortable situations, physically. It can be tough. I remember times I would be freezing cold, and he’d take off his shirt just like my shirt was off so he’ll get cold with me. Or I’ll be lying down for some crazy s— and he’ll be right there with me. That type of leadership from a director earns that trust and builds that bond, it makes you want to run through a brick wall for him.”

He also talked about how proud he was that he and Coogler essentially rose to prominence together. All in all, Jordan sounds just as sweet as Coogler himself. Definitely a duo, we would like to hang out with sometime soon.

Oh if only.

Black Panther is currently out in theatres.

Bec Heim