4YE’s TV Reels Feels For February 4th Through February 10th

This week, we had a lot of to choose from as all of our favorite shows returned to top form. This Is Us continues to crush it week after week, while Crazy Ex-Girlfriend gave us something to laugh and sing about.

Check out our picks for this week’s TV Reels Feels.

Top Performer

Clare: Between last Sunday’s “Super Bowl Sunday” and backed up with Tuesday’s “The Car”, This Is Us’ Mandy Moore has to be top performer for this week. Her reaction to Jack’s death was so heartbreaking, and yet so true to life. The strength she showed in telling the kids then dealing with the funeral and aftermath was some of the hardest things I’ve watched in a while and Mandy Moore had me right with her every step of the way over the two episodes.

Bec: I’m 100% with my girl Clare on this. If Mandy Moore doesn’t win the Emmy (or get nominated) for EITHER of these episodes, then I’m calling everything rigged. It was one of the most emotionally powerful performances of the year. And I think that the Best Actress in a Drama Series category is Moore’s to lose.

Verena: Yeah, what they said. The whole This Is Us cast was fantastic in those two episodes, but Mandy Moore was the brightest star both nights. I’m sure that moment where Rebecca sees Jack’s lifeless body and realizes he’s gone will be seared into my brain for a while. So powerful, so raw. I really don’t have much more to add here. Give that woman all the awards.

Top Episode

Clare: While This Is Us’ “Super Bowl Sunday” was the ep that we have all been waiting for, and it was an exceptional episode, it was kind of what we expected from This Is Us. It is for this reason I’m going with The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’s “The House by the Lake”. This episode was shocking, horrific, painful, uncomfortable, and gut-wrenching. The performances by Darren Criss and Cody Fern throughout couldn’t be faulted. Criss continues his no-doubt award-winning performance, but Fern was the amazing find in this episode. He had me from his elevator scene with Jeffrey Trail (Finn Wittrock). Watch this episode if only for Criss breaking down during Aimee Mann’s cover of “Drive” and everything after this. Some of the best TV in the past year.

Bec: I’m sure you’re all very tired about me praising Black Lightning, but I can’t help. “Black Jesus” was amazing. Still, I’m going to throw caution to the wind and toss it over to This Is Us. Not “Super Bowl Sunday”, but to “The Car”. I feel like “The Car” was a very powerful celebration of Jack’s life and impact. Not to mention Moore’s breathtaking performance made it impossible to tear away our eyes for even a second. (Also if there’s a reality TV show episode category, then go and watch Netflix’s new Queer Eye reboot. ESPECIALLY the episode “To Gay or Not Too Gay”. Bring. Tissues. ALL THE TISSUES.)

Verena: I’m really happy for ya’ll and imma let you finish, but This Is Us delivered not just one but TWO top notch episodes this week. And while I agree somewhat with Bec about the episodes, for me “Super Bowl Sunday” wins. It was the culmination of something that had been teased since the beginning, and while it was so very heartbreaking, it felt weirdly satisfying to finally know how Jack dies. And, to be quite frank, I haven’t felt this much excitement over a television episode in a very long time. So, well done, NBC.

Top Moment

Clare: Mandy Moore’s scene with Gerald McRaney’s doctor at Jack’s wake in “The Car” just broke me. Rebecca’s pain was so raw and visceral and Dr K.’s anecdotes about Jack was not only what Rebecca needed to her but all of us watching at home as well. This was the catharsis that the build up to, Jack’s death and the aftermath needed. Everyone needs a Dr K in their life.

Bec: The Flash continues to have the best moments for me of any TV show. My favorite was when Becky Sharpe, who had been terrified, stands up for Barry against the other bus metas. It was definitely a moment of heroism for the sweet character. Which made DeVoe’s taking over of her body all the more painful.

Verena: I really enjoyed this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, because a) Trent is so batshit crazy, it’s wonderful, and b) i loved the role reversal. My top moment was definitely the intro with a twist! I dare you not to sing along with it! 


““When the police open the door they’ll see two suspects, not two victims” – Andrew Cunanan (Darren Criss), The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

If my gay, black ass from the South could do it, then your ass can do it. So, just believe in yourself.” – Karamo Brown, Queer Eye (Netflix)

White Josh: “Why is it that all of my friends, including you, are in love with Rebecca? Does she have a magical vagina?”
Nathaniel: “No. She does have a great one though. And she does like when I refer to it as the ‘sorting hat’. … Harry Potter dirty talk, don’t worry about it.” – Crazy Ex Girlfriend, “Trent?!”

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