Time Travel Is At The Heart Of Krypton’s Story In New Trailer

Credit: Syfy

Krypton, the story of the tragically doomed planet, is about two months and some change away from the premiere on March 21st.

It’s a project that most have been following closely. Mainly because it’s just such an interesting entity. Where does fit in the DC Universe? David S. Goyer is an executive producer, but so is Geoff Johns. Does it follow the films more or the television shows? Or is it just it’s own unique thing?

At the Television Critic’s Association winter press tour, a new trailer was released for the show. It also gave us the much needed answers for the long-gestating Syfy project.

From both the trailer and the answers, it looks like the show will be heavily involved in time travel. Perhaps even more so than The Flash has been from the sound of it.

Rather than the Krypton being a prequel, the element of time travel allows for a new story to be told.

Geoff Johns said, “The time travel element does give us some unpredictability and some creative license to do some stories you don’t know or stories that play out differently than what people might assume.”

One element of this time travel is Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) who has travelled to Seg-El’s (Cameron Cuffe) time in order to ensure that Superman will meet his destiny.

Johns talked about Strange’s character and goals for the show.

“He’s an unlikely hero. He’s the unlikely choice of shouldering this burden of trying to stop someone from the present trying to prevent this Superman legacy… Adam Strange is a character that doesn’t really embody what Superman does as far as honor and justice, doesn’t really know right from wrong, but looks up to Superman.”

Strange is supposed to be the audience surrogate in this distinctly alien world. It does make sense to have one. Krypton’s culture and traditions have largely been a question mark to comic fans. Supergirl, the other show drawing from the Superman mythos currently, has made some attempts to blend more Kryptonian culture into her story.

Still it is an exciting prospect to see what will happen.

And the trailer? It certainly makes things look epic.

Bec Heim