The Team Is Determined To Escape “Together Or Not At All” On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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After the action and romance of that week’s episode, there is no slowing down. It’s now a race to the remainder of the Earth’s surface and a fight to keep as much of the team together as possible.

Fitz, Simmons, and Daisy have done a bang-up job getting out of the arena. They are even able to extract Simmons’ ear implant though there’s nothing to be done about Daisy’s power inhibitor. Then again, she’s able to take out a Kree guard with just her S.H.I.E.L.D. combat skills so she’s doing ok. The trio gets stuck in the elevator on their way up to find the rest of their team. They escape through the hatch and just in time.

Kasius is somehow alive. Didn’t Simmons cut his throat rather than his cheek as we’re shown? He has a new scar, which is a bit of karmic justice considering he killed a guy for the exact same thing. Big brother Kasius is a sanctimonious jerk who reminds little brother he was exiled for failing to defend an indefensible outpost. His point is, Kasius is unfit for leadership and so big bro takes charge. He sends his own warrior to find Daisy and the others. Secretly, Kasius sends Sinara after begging her forgiveness for throwing her into the arena last episode.

But the one who finds the trio first is Deke. Daisy is pretty pissed at him for turning her over to Kasius but he argues he did as promised. He got her to Simmons. Now he’s busted out of his own room (which Coulson had locked him into) and is all “Team S.H.I.E.L.D.” With his help, the team reunites at last. Fitz’s ship was blown up so their original escape plan is kaput. Instead, they plan to head to the Earth’s surface, where May has been sent. Flint is supposed to come with them… except he’s missing.

Earlier, Flint had found out Tess was dead because the Kree are looking for him. When everyone else is distracted, he turns himself in. But this is actually a ruse to get revenge for her death. He kills on Kree guard with his rapidly developing powers. He then makes the rookie mistake of gloating instead of getting on with taking out the other hostiles and is knocked out by Sinara. She uses him as bait and hardly has a moment to spin those metallic balls before Daisy and everyone else bust in. They grab Flint and go on the run again.

In the salvage room, there’s an open shaft that leads up to the trawler ship. Deke offers his anti-gravity device to lift them one or two at a time up the shaft. They all make it even as the Kree warrior powers his way into the room. Sinara then kills him and reports back to the Kasius brothers. Big bro is impressed by her ambition and offers her a position at his side. Kasius promptly stabs his brother in the back because he and Sinara are a team. She smiles proudly.

With an escape route in sight, the team is ready to board the ship but Flint isn’t leaving. He has the power to help people now and he doesn’t want to abandon the rest of the humans on the ship. Mack and Elena elect to stay with him to help. The others take off with Coulson somewhat clumsily flying.

Down on the surface, Enoch finds May and keeps the Roaches from killing her. Her leg is still severely injured and she’s only standing because she’s Melinda freaking May. Once she figures out Enoch is the one responsible for sending them to the future, she wants nothing to do with him. I get it but also, you don’t have very many options right now, May. Any arguing is cut short when a gravity storm descends and Enoch and May are grabbed by hooded strangers.

These are, of course, the surviving humans. An old woman approaches May with a smile and holds out a wooden bird. It’s the little girl, Robin, who gave Enoch the prophecy that started this entire plot line.

Field Notes

Fitz: “I have traveled through time and space to find you. I think we’re moving past that bit a little too quickly.”

Fitz: “Once more unto the breach.”
Simmons: “Allonsy.”

I’m not condoning Kasius killing his own brother but that guy really did have it coming.

Am I the only one worried that Flint killed again this week? He’s had his powers for a few hours and has already killed twice. Both times were warranted but it’s a lot to see from a teenager who seems like a sweet kid.

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