Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie Is Coming To Marvel Comics In New Exiles Series

Credit: Marvel Studios

Easily one of the best parts of the excellent Thor: Ragnarok was Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson). Badass, hard-drinking, and full of angst, the character was an instant favorite with critics and audiences alike. We can’t wait to see more of her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This version of the character, however, won’t just be confined to the MCU. Marvel has added her to the comics roster as well. In the upcoming Exiles series, this version of Valkyrie will join the team of interdimensional superheroes that includes the teleporting mutant Blink, Khan (an alternate Ms. Marvel from a dark future), Iron Lad (a younger version of Kang the Conqueror), and Wolverine from the X-Babies (think Muppet Babies but cooler).

In the original versions of the Exiles, the team dimension hopped to put things to right. It was trippy and weird and a lot of fun. So hopefully, it will continue in this series.

The series will be written by Saladin Ahmed, who has gotten acclaim for his excellent Black Bolt series. If you’re feeling burned by how much The Inhumans suck, then pick-up that book. Exiles will be drawn by Javier Rodriguez (Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme).

In a statement, Ahmed expresses his plans for this version of the character. It sounds like she’s just as badass and as queer as God and Tessa Thompson intended. Get it, Ahmed!

“The Exiles version of Valkyrie is a bit different from what we’ve seen in comics thus far. Our Valkyrie is known as the Lone Defender of Asgard, and she’s a tankard-draining, maiden-wooing, giant-slaying thunderbolt of a woman. Though she’s not technically from the Marvel Cinematic Universe reality, she’s basically the literalization of the larger-than-her-physical-frame swagger that Tessa Thompson displayed in Thor: Ragnarok, turned up to 11.”

The first issue of the series hits stands on April 11th. Until then, check out the gallery below to see some droolworthy concept art.

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Bec Heim