Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 4 Gets Release Date

Credit: Telltale

Batman: The Enemy Within is the second season of Telltales Batman Series. While in the first season Bruce Wayne aka Batman has to face his first real challenge by fighting against Two-Face, Penguin, Lady Arkham and the children of Arkham, he also has to deal with his inner struggles according to his family history that gets rewritten. It was a really interesting story with a lot of loved characters from the Batman Comics. Alfred Pennyworth, Lucius Fox, Seline Kyle and many others. The second season Batman: The Enemy Within is, like the first season, a game split into five episodes. The first episode was published on the 8th of August 2017 and until now gamers only had the chance to play the first three episodes.

In the Episodes The Enigma, The Pact and Fractured Mask the player has to make some decisions that will have great influence on the rest of the story. That is the typical game play and system of Telltale. The gamer acts as one or more characters of the story and has to make decisions that will change the story as it happens. As Batman and as Bruce Wayne we have to face new enemies such as Amanda Waller. The leader of the agency was introduced to a lot more people than just comic book readers when she appeared as a character in the movie Suicide Squad. She is a real threat to our dear Batman as she lets us know that she knows our real identity. The closer we get to Waller the more Gordon will hate us.

And we have to face problems that cannot be solved by Batman. It will take a Bruce Wayne to go undercover and try to take down a circle of criminals calling themselves “The Pact”. Try convincing Bane, Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze to trust Bruce Wayne. The only one on our side, if he really is, is a strange guy with green hair called John Doe. And he is deeply in love with Harley Quinn.

And the love life of Bruce Wayne doesn’t sleep either when Selina Kyle gets involved. We have to make decisions at the end of episode 3 that might tear us apart. When Harley Quinn gets too close to find out who betrayed them we have to make the decision: Either we confess about not being loyal to Harley or we put all blame on Catwoman. In the final clip of this episode either Bruce or Selina are closed to be killed when the episode ends with a cut.

Now it took more than two months of waiting but fans of the game will finally be able to find out what’s next. Telltale have announced a release date for the next episode called What Ails You – January 23. We really need to know, can we save ourselves and Catwoman? Can we stop the Pact? Will Waller tell the world who Batman really is? And, will Gordon ever love us again? For sure it’s the fourth episode of the season, not the fifth and final so we will are not likely to get answers to all of these questions but maybe we come a bit closer to the conclusion.