Supergirl Forms A Super-Team To Infiltrate “Fort Rozz” On This Week’s Episode

Credit: CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Anyone else feel like this season for all of the Arrowverse, it’s a time for stupidly over-powered villains? Like we’re about two episodes in with Reign, I’m already feeling a little bit bored by her because, outside of Kryptonite to jugular, she just seems too much, too soon. Never mind, DeVoe over on The Flash, Cayden James on Arrow, and whatever the hell Mallus is on Legends. They all just seem too strong, too smart, too whatever this season. Granted, Tobias Whale on Black Lightning actually seems menacing. So maybe he’ll buck the trend.

Sorry, rant over. Last week, we met new character with the unfortunate make-up Brainiac-5 (or Brainy). We saw the Legion of Superheroes kick some ass. Reign has a new ally in former Supergirl cult leader Thomas Coville. Who the hell knows what happened to Ruby. Kara faced her inner demons and came out stronger.

So let’s see what’ll happen this week, shall we?

Visit: Alex is still nursing the broken leg that Reign gave her last week. Kara, Sam, and Ruby come to visit her. So speak of the devil. Sam’s babysitter has cancelled and Alex offers to take over. Yaaaaay. At the DEO, Winn and J’onn have narrowed down Coville’s Kryptonian priestess to Jindah Kol Rozz, who the prison was named after. She also, apparently, is part of the death cult that made Reign. They found the prison going around a blue star, which will strip Kara of her powers. It’s also fatal to anyone with a Y-chromosome. So no men. Imra agrees to come with Kara, but they need more firepower. Kara goes to Livewire, trying to go straight as a waitress. Apparently, the smart criminals are scared of Reign and are lying low. Livewire eventually agrees to help Kara. They also Psi for flavor as well. J’onn is nervous about this, and so is Kara. But they need to take risks to beat Reign. So away they go in the Legion ship.

Dream Team: Imra and Kara discuss finding Rozz on Fort Rozz, but they don’t know where she is. Meanwhile, Psi and Livewire smack talk and/or flirt with each other. They’re approaching Fort Rozz so thank you 31st century tech. Sam and Lena have a quick meeting before Sam’s trip, but Reign is called by the Dark Hologram. At Alex’s apartment, she and Ruby play a game. When Alex goes to get some food, she gets a text from Maggie. Ruby leaves Alex to it. On Fort Rozz, Kara’s already stripped of her powers and all the men on the ship are dead to the blue star. Winn warns Kara to be careful. While the group moves forward into the prison, Reign goes to the Fortress of Sanctuary. The Dark Hologram gives her the information of Rozz and Supergirl’s mission, Reign is off to stop Supergirl from learning about the Worldkillers.

Fort Rozz: Kara and the team move deeper into the prison, where they are attacked by someone Alura put away. (Was it REALLY a good idea for Kara to wear her costume? Seriously?) Psi is injured in the fight and when Imra checks on her, Psi uses her powers on Imra. Eventually, Livewire defeats the prisoner. Kara goes to Imra and asks Psi why she attacked her. Back on Earth, it turns out Maggie wanted to know if Alex had her passport. Ruby finds it for her. Alex talks about how she misses Maggie and how this is something she can’t fix. Ruby shares about a bully who, after refusing to let her copy her homework, started spreading mean things online about the girl. Alex reads it and decides they can do something about this. On the Legion ship, Psi’s powers are locked down again while Kara checks on Imra. The group goes to the prisoner that they captured, who tells them the last person who went to find Rozz was never seen again. They heard her screams though. Yikes. Then a solar flare knocks out communications. The Fort and ship are hurtling into the sun.

Worst Case: On the ship, things are pretty horrible. They can’t undock or anything. Kara decides to take Livewire and find Rozz, while Imra and Psi try to re-establish communications. Livewire and Kara talk about her relationship with Imra and what she plans to do with Reign. Livewire hates that Kara wants to try to save Reign, but Kara has to try. The two go through the Dark Fog and are separated. Meanwhile, on Earth, Brainy is freaking out over not having the level of tech he’s used to. Winn, however, outthinks him by using the technology they have to get the instructions to the ship. (God Brainy chill or no one will like you.) On the ship, Imra tries to get communications going while Psi notices Reign’s ship docking. Kara eventually runs into Rozz, who informs her that she is doomed to fail. Reign will rule with the others at her side: the Pestilence, and the Purity. Reign arrives to Rozz’s delight, but the Dark Preistess doesn’t foresee Reign killing her. Apparently, Kryptonite to the jugular hurts her more than a blue sun. Seriously?! GIVE HER A REAL WEAKNESS!

Rescue: Kara tries to break through to Reign, but she’s not having it. Before Reign can kill her, Leslie breaks through for revenge with her powers. On the ship, things are looking bad. Psi wants to bail out, but Imra refuses to leave Kara behind. Winn’s plan works, however, the DEO is able to reestablished communications. Imra needs to stay on the ship to help, but Psi goes to stop Reign. The fight between Reign is one-sided though, although Livewire gets her licks in. Eventually, Kara puts the focus back on her in order to save her life. Livewire, however, takes the hit meant for Kara. Psi is able to get a good shot at Reign, and Sam takes over for a moment. Reign regroups enough to fly away. Kara sits with Livewire, who dies.

End: Back on Earth, Mon-El is relieved to see Imra back in one piece. Kara thanks Psi, who offers her apologies for Livewire’s death. Kara asks that Psi be given a better room with a window. Psi shares a smile. Back at Alex’s apartment, Alex and Ruby finish addressing Maggie’s passport. Sam comes to pick her up. When Alex asks her about her trip, Sam realizes that she’s losing chunks of time. Alex tries to calm Sam down, but Sam thinks there is something wrong with her. On the Balcony of Deep Thought, Mon-El joins Kara. He offers Kara an ear, who confesses that she feels badly about not getting through to Reign. If she did, then maybe Leslie would be alive. Mon-El points out that Livewire was saved and that sometimes people just can’t be saved. Kara and Mon-El think about where they are going to find these two new Worldkillers. One of them gets hit by a car (Julia aka Purity).


Bec Heim