Spoiler Alert: Meryl Streep Joins Cast Of Big Little Lies In Season Two

Credit: Lullaby Pictures/Rex/Shutterstock

Ever since it was confirmed that Big Little Lies would get another season, we kinda had to ask ourselves what the second season might be about. After all, we already found out the truth about a few of their “little lies.”

Although the end of the final episode of the HBO show leaves a lot of speculation about what could happen in season two and in particular, what could happen to the ladies of Monterey. Are they going to continue to lie about it? Or are they going to tell the truth?

Given recent news that Alexander Skarsgard will return in the second season, though mostly through flashbacks. After all, we all saw him lying on the ground dead.

These flashbacks could, however, be linked to a new character who’s coming to town and the actress who is going to play her is just as thrilling as her character could be.

None other than queen Meryl Streep will be playing Perry’s mother Mary Louise Wright, which TVLine has reported and about which HBO has tweeted as well:

HBO has also revealed a bit more about Streep’s character and the reason why she’s coming to Monterey:

“Concerned for the well-being of her grandchildren following her son’s death, Mary Louise arrives in Monterey searching for answers.”

Am I the only one who already sees a lot of drama coming Nicole Kidman’s character’s way? It also sounds like the ladies of Monterey are lying about the circumstances of Perry’s death or Mary Louise just believes it did not happen the way they all say it did.

Whatever happens, though, I am sure it will be just as thrilling as the first season.

We are not the only ones who are excited about the news that Streep is joining our favorite ladies of Monterey but Reese Whitherspoon is just as excited about it. The actress has shared her excitement on her Twitter account with her fans and it has us at 4YE even more psyched about it.

The production on the second season of Big Little Lies is scheduled to start in March before it will premiere in 2019.

Anna Hattingen