SHIELD Recap: The Key to Saving the World is Revealed in Agents of SHIELD’s “The Last Day”

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After an episode bouncing back and forth between the present-future and the possible past, it’s easy to understand why oracle Robin is always so confused. I’m confused too. The question we’re left with is if the future is inevitable or can you change the past?

Let’s begin in the past, which is composed of experiences none of our heroes have had yet so it’s the past but it’s also the future. Robin is still a little girl and she’s aboard the Zephyr with May and Simmons as they try to escape a gravity storm. They do or at least they mostly do because next, we see, they’re on the Kree space station. Well, some of them are. Elena stomps past with a weapon, ready to kill some Kree because she’s fed up with Robin’s riddle-like predictions. And Mack didn’t make it. Fitz can’t deal with the little girl either, especially not when she keeps describing people’s deaths, including Simmons’.

In the future, May realizes they are in the Zephyr. It survived Earth’s destruction and has been the safe haven for the humans who have been sent back to Earth by the Kree to die. One of them, Voss, seems to be the leader and is well known to Deke. He retrieves May’s friends and she happily embraces first Coulson and then Daisy. When Coulson tries to get information from Robin, all he comes away with is a) he can bring all the pieces together and b) “this is the day it all ends.” Not super helpful.

Fitz and Simmons work on repairing and understanding the machine used to activate the monolith. Voss leaves them alone to work and the couple takes the much-needed opportunity to make out and then some. But what seems like a nice gesture turns out to be sabotage. Voss locked FitzSimmons in that room and he and the other humans try to kill Daisy. They see it as the only way to prevent the crappy future they’ve had to endure. She fights them off and so Voss stabs Robin instead, hoping her death will change the timeline.

But maybe Voss isn’t as clever as he thought. In the past, Fitz rants to May that they can’t change anything. He says Daisy saw what the future was like and still destroyed the Earth and even Voss couldn’t make a difference. But May is unflinching in her belief that Robin can save the world. In the final flashback, we see May became a surrogate mother to Robin and seems to know what lies ahead for the girl. She tells her to wait to reveal how to save the world until they are back on the Zephyr. That’s when the time will be right.

Which is exactly what Robin does. As she lays dying in May’s arms, she tells May the secret to saving everyone: Flint. And where is he? Still up on the space station trying to be a hero. The other humans are pissed he’s caused them endless suffering. Kasius has turned off the water and electricity and released a bunch of Roaches onto their level. Thankfully, Mack and Elena are badasses who have never met a problem they couldn’t fix with a little superspeed and shotgun-ax.

If Flint is the key, he better hurry up and get down to Earth. Sinara has arrived on the surface with express orders to kill any humans and bring Daisy back to Kasius.

Field Notes

Coulson notes they are running out of time and my immediate response is, well then why haven’t you made out with May yet??

FitzSimmons checked out Daisy’s powers off switch and aren’t able to do anything about it without potentially killing and paralyzing her. So no Quake for a while.

Maybe Daisy’s powers aren’t really off but are charging, similar to how in the Ghost Rider arc when she absorbed the earthquakes it built up her own quaking abilities. The longer her powers are kept “off,” the more they build, maybe even to world-destroying levels.

After joining Team SHIELD because he learned his father was alive on Earth’s surface, Deke found out Voss killed his dad, probably because he disagreed with Voss’ plan to kill Daisy. Interestingly, Deke’s dad carried a piece of the monolith with him at all times and now SHIELD has it.

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