Paul Bettany Will Not Be Joining The Crown Season Three And Four

Credit: Getty Images

Recasting news for the actors and actresses of The Crown is not new news for fans anymore. After all, we already got used to the idea of Olivia Colman playing Queen Elizabeth II. She will replace Claire Foy, who truly became our queen over the past two seasons.

Replacing Matt Smith will also be quite a challenge and it sounded like Netflix already has found Paul Bettany to do so. However, fans of the actor have to be really strong now.

TVLine has reported that Paul Bettany will not be playing Prince Philip in the next two seasons.

The reason why he cannot play the part is one that is quite understandable but frustrating for fans (and maybe for him?). There were some scheduling conflicts with other projects and it is why the actor will not be able to play our prince.

For everyone who had high hopes that Bettany will replace Matt Smith as Philip. The news is more than sad and quite disappointing. For everyone who was not as happy as others about the news that Bettany was in negotiations with Netflix, there is new hope now that they will find someone else.

They still have a bit of time left to do so, however, as Netflix still has not officially confirmed a third season for the popular show yet. With the news of Olivia Colman playing Elizabeth and Helena Bonham Carter in negotiations with Netflix to play Princess Margaret, it seems to be a done deal anyway.

Though it also has not officially been confirmed yet that Helena Bonham Carter will be playing Princess Margaret. Hopefully, we won’t get any more sad news regarding that.

4YE will definitely keep you updated regarding everything The Crown. In the meantime, we will make a list of actors who could be playing Prince Philip!

Anna Hattingen