Netflix Ushers In 2018 With A Nightmarish New Trailer For A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Credit: Netflix

Netflix started off 2018 with a bang and shared the new trailer for the second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events, and with the new trailer, we have the release date of the upcoming season.

As Netflix tells us “2017 was bad, but 2018 will be so much… worse” and if the trailer is anything to go by it appears that the Baudelaire children will spend the second season in as much danger as they did last year, with Neil Patrick Harris’s Count Olaf still on a mission to destroy the children and gain their fortune.

With the trailer, we also have the date of when the season will hit the streaming service which will be March 30. As March 30 is Good Friday it means that the Easter weekend can be spent eating our weight in chocolate and watching the season without the pesky interruption of going to work (we’ve got to love a Public Holiday).

As we previously reported, this upcoming 10 episode season will adapt books five – nine in the series; The Austere AcademyThe Ersatz ElevatorThe Vile VillageThe Hostile HospitalThe Carnivorous Carnival.

Along with Harris, Patrick Warburton is returning as Lemony Snicket, and all of the child actors are returning as the Baudelaire children.

Nathan Fillon is joining the cast as Jacques Snicket, Lemony’s brother, with other new cast members including Roger Bart, Tony Hale, and Lucy Punch.

We loved the first season of A Series of Unfortunate Events, so it is no surprise that we can’t wait for the second season to drop, although last year Netflix dropped season one on January 13 (which just happens to be my birthday) so having to wait until the end of March is undoubtedly frustrating. But it does mean there is plenty of time to rewatch season one ready for the new episodes.

A Series of Unfortunate Events season two will be available on Netflix from March 30, with season one available to watch now.

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