Marvel Releases Two Featurettes Preparing Us For Black Panther

Photo: Marvel

We are just about a month away from the highly anticipated release of Marvel’s Black Panther which means, luckily for us, promo for the film is starting to ramp up.

Since fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are not as familiar with the film adaptation of the character it only makes sense to get a  featurette that focuses on Wakanda and the responsibility T’Challa must now face after the events of Civil War.

Take a look at the featurette below:

The film, which is expected to bring in a whopping $120 million dollars in its opening weekend will be our first real introduction to the Black Panther – we’ll get to see T’Challa in his own environment, “seeing him dealing with the responsibility of becoming the new king,” Chadwick Boseman says in the feature.

But Black Panther won’t just be about getting to know the Black Panther himself but also the very secretive Wakanda.

In the feature Danai Gurira – the general of the Dora Milaje –  explains that Wakanda is the most technologically advanced country on the planet but in the trailer we see Martin Freeman’s character (Everett K. Ross) call it a third world country.

This is because, as director Ryan Coogler says, “A big function of how Wakanda works is staying out of the spotlight, staying in the shadows.”

Another very intriguing thing in Wakanda are the Dora Milaje; the warriors of Wakanda.

Marvel has released another featurette introducing these fierce warriors which is the most badass.

If y’all thought kick ass female warriors stopped with the Amazons in Wonder Women you just get ready for the Dora Milaje.

The Dora Milaje are women who have “pledged their lives to the throne and to the security of the kingdom,” Gurira says.

This clip is only a minute and a half and I’m already in love with them all.

A month seems so far away now that you’re all amped up for Black Panther right? 

Black Panther comes out on February 16th in the USA and February 13th in the UK.

Are you ready?

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