Jefferson Struggles With His Dual Identity In “Lawanda: The Book Of Hope” On Black Lightning

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Black Lightning fans!

Last week’s episode, “The Resurrection” is easily one of the best pilots to come out in a while. I’m excited to see if it continues.

First though, here’s a refresher for what happened last week. After his youngest daughter, Jennifer, attracts the attention of recently released member of the 100, Will, she and her older sister Anissa are kidnapped. While the crime rates have gone up in Freeland, Jefferson Pierce has been resisting the call to take up the mantle of Black Lightning again after a promise to his ex. Once his ex-wife Lynn gave her blessing for him to rescue their daughters, it looks like the hero has returned. At the close of the episode, Anissa seems to have her own awakening powers to contend with. That’s not to mention crime boss, Tobias Whale, who wants underling Lala to fix his mess.

So let’s see where this all goes, shall we?

Ouch: Jefferson is feeling his Black Lightning activities as he moans through some serious pain. His powers flare briefly and run through his body, sending him to the floor. Lynn, sleeping with Jennifer, hears him fall and goes to check on him. They reminisce about the early days of the relationship and the reality of being with a superhero. She struggles with giving her blessing to Jefferson, who reassures her that Black Lightning is done. The two share that they miss each other and kiss. Lynn tries to leave, but Jefferson says she should stay for the girls. He will take the couch. The next day at the school, Jefferson tries to reassure the students’ parents. One of the mothers, Lawanda White, wants justice for her daughter. Apparently, Black Lightning didn’t get the Seahorse shut down. Meanwhile, Tobias Whale also expresses his displeasure toward Lala and the what happened at the Seahorse. He even gags him with a ball gag. Jefferson talks with Lawanda about her daughter. She wants Pierce to get her daughter back. When he hesitates, however, she tells him that she needs to find a way to fight for hers. Jefferson talks with Henderson about the Seahorse, Lala, and Will. Lala has an alibi and Will escaped from the ambulance. Henderson promises Jefferson that he will protect his daughters, who are witnesses to the 100. Jennifer talks with a friend from school, Khalil, and seems nervous about returning. Malik approaches Jennifer, under the guise of selling candy, and sprays fake blood on his daughter. Jefferson goes to confront Lala, who tells him to send his daughters off before he does. Lala brushes him off, and Jefferson leaves.

Straighten Out: Jefferson talks with Gambi about his daughters. Gambi wants to help, but he wants Black Lightning. Jefferson wants to end it with Lala. Meanwhile, Anissa has some fun with her girlfriend, Cheona, in bed. Said girlfriend wants to make it official, but Anissa blows her off. She tells her about what happened to sink, who blows off what happened. She wants Anissa to get into therapy, which is valid. Henderson comes to visit Jefferson, who checks in on the family. He also wants details about Jefferson and Lynn, who thinks it feels close. He promises to keep looking for Lala and Will. Henderson also tells him that Lawanda is at the Seahorse, taking pictures of everyone coming in. Legally, he can’t do anything to her, but Jefferson should talk with her. Lala waits in his car for Will, who has been found by two of his crew. Lala kills Will to clean up loose ends.

FIGHT: Lawanda talks with reporters as the 100 watch her from the Seahorse Motel. Jefferson tries to talk her out of it. He asks her to give him 48 hours to do what he can. She agrees to stop filming them but will not leave her car. Jefferson gives her his word that he will bring her daughter home. Jennifer sits on her roof where Khalil joins her. Khalil asks Jennifer if she would be his girl. She agrees and he gives her a necklace. They share a kiss and continue sitting together. Lynn works on the computer when Jefferson returns home. They talk briefly and kiss, but Lynn asks for time. Jefferson agrees to give it to her. At the Seahorse, Lawanda goes to confront Lala. When she refuses to leave, he shoots her. She’s placed in her car, but they don’t notice the phone that filmed the entire thing. Henderson calls to inform Jefferson about Lawanda’s death. Jefferson tries to keep his powers under control. He vents his frustrations to Lynn about how hollow it feels to try to change the world through Garfield High. Lynn calls his powers an addiction, but Jefferson reminds her that she once called them a gift. He wants to don the costume again. Lynn wants him to stop because they are so close to being them again. Jefferson, however, has decided: Black Lightning is back.

Desperation: Jefferson and Gambi talk about Lala’s clean-up. He got rid of Will and Lawanda. He’s going after Jefferson’s girls next. Gambi promises to handle it. Jennifer, meanwhile, is drinking champagne with Kiesha. She goes to visit Khalil, who takes her bottle and gives her some real talk. He wants Jennifer to join him in getting out of Freeland. Jennifer says she sees the world differently now. Khalil holds her. Lynn goes to visit Gambi, who thinks his addiction runs to Lynn rather than his powers. Gambi says that it ends up being Jefferson’s choice. He contacts Jefferson. He has Lala’s address. Black Lightning takes the streets to the joy of the people. He even has his own hallway fight has he hads to Lala’s penthouse apartment. Jefferson kicks all kinds of ass. Henderson and the police stop him before he come do more damage to Lala. Jefferson bails out, and Henderson is taken into custody. Henderson lays it out for Lala: they got him on tape. Jefferson comes home to Jennifer asleep on the couch and Lynn working. The Seahorse has been shut down. The girls are safe. Black Lightning? Well he wants to know if he and Lynn can find a way to live with it. Lynn leaves. Meanwhile, Anissa and Cheona have date night, but Anissa can’t sleep in bed. She goes to get a sleep aid, but the store is being robbed. When the robber approaches her, she throws him over the aisles. Realizing it’s not a one off thing, she leaves. Jefferson has a drink and looks at pictures of Lynn. We close with Tobias Whale, entering the police station (complete with paid off cops) to end Lala. Tobias strangles Lala with one hand.

Bec Heim