Helen Mirren Will Not Play Queen Elizabeth II On The Crown In The Future

Credit: Giles Keyte

By now we have already become used to the idea that Claire Foy will not be back on season three and four of The Crown to portray Queen Elizabeth II. Instead, Broadchurch alum Olivia Colman will take over in the next two seasons and play the Queen we love so much. Due to Foy’s farewell and Colman’s takeover of the role, we also know that after season four another actress will play Elizabeth for the next two seasons.

While we haven’t even seen Olivia Colman as the Queen yet, there were already rumors floating around about who could replace her once her time was up. This was mostly sparked by none other than Claire Foy herself, who said that she’d put her money on Helen Mirren, even though it is not yet a done deal, when Foy appeared on Watch What Happens Live. 

Helen Mirren has portrayed Queen Elizabeth II twice: in The Queen, which gained her the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2006 and on stage in the West End and on Broadway in the play The Audience, which gained her a Tony and an Olivier Award. The Queen, as well as The Audience were written by Peter Morgan, who is also the creator of The Crown. It really seemed like the possibility of Mirren playing Elizabeth in later seasons is quite high.

Though it only seems to be the case for fans. The Daily Beast sat down with Helen Mirren for an intervie. The actress has revealed that she wouldn’t be up for it anymore.

“No, I’m not. No, no. Done with that,“ replied the actress when she was being asked about The Crown and if she would want to play the Queen once more.

For anyone who hoped that Mirren might have a go at Elizabeth again it surely is a sad day. Maybe, however, she will change her mind when it is time to look for a new Queen.

Anna Hattingen