FitzSimmons Reunites And Clark Gregg Directs Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s “Fun And Games”

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So far during our adventure in space, we have been building up to a number of things including Daisy’s big fight and a FitzSimmons reunion. In “Fun and Games” we get both and neither disappoints. In fact, this episode was a home run in a lot of ways but especially in moving the plot forward and bringing our team a little closer together, literally.

Fitz is one part pretend marauder and one part heart eyes. As soon as he sees Simmons, his face melts. He speaks to her covertly and says he knows now their curse is powerless to stop them because they have crossed galaxies and traveled through time to be together. He even proposes! But Simmons can’t hear a word. She doesn’t even know Fitz is there until she turns around because, as a servant, she can only hear Kasius’ voice.

With all his wealthy buyers-to-be assembled, Kasius starts things off with a warm-up fight. Ben is pitted against May, much to Fitz and Simmons’ concern. They’re fairly evenly matched, thanks to Ben’s telepathy, and he lets her know he doesn’t want to kill her but he has no choice. Either one of them kills the other or they’re both sent to the surface to be eaten by Roaches. Thankfully, Fitz prevents this from happening but complaining to Kasius that he’s bored and suggesting May be sent to the surface. Presumably, Enoch is able to intercept that transport…?

But Ben isn’t quite in the clear. When brought forward to be bid upon, he is instead executed by Sinara for lying. He had told Kasius Daisy and Simmons were the only ones from the past but Kasius knows May is too. Before he dies, Ben tells Daisy not to blame herself, even as she pleads that it was her fault, not his.

Needing to replenish his stock of Inhumans, Kasius rounds up teenagers and forces them into Terrigenesis. Only one emerges as an Inhuman. Flint is a scrawny orphan who disappears immediately after emerging from the Terrigenesis rock shell. That part is thanks to Elena, who swept him away in the hopes of protecting him. Coulson and Mack quickly figure this out and plan to stow Flint away so he’s not sold off by Kasius. To help the new Inhuman come to grips with whatever his powers end up being, Elena talks about how her powers first manifested. It’s a funny story about fish tacos and beer but unfortunately, Grill overhears.

This guy hasn’t been helpful at all, minus installing the metrics. He keeps them pinned down by zapping them through those same metrics. Turning them in would make more sense but he’s pissed about being lied to and tricked into killing his right-hand man. So he’s going to kill them instead. Flint chooses that moment to manifest his powers and hurls a massive rock at Grill, killing him. Soon after, Mack and Coulson find Tess hanging with a sign demanding the return of Flint. No one who has helped our agents has stayed alive for long. Here’s hoping Flint is the first.

And so to the main event. Daisy is pitted against Sinara, at the request of Kasius’ freshly-arrived older brother. Quake puts on quite the display and handily beats Sinara. Then she signals to Fitz who knocks out the other bidders. Simmons cuts Kasius’ throat and Daisy quakes herself up to them… only to have her powers turned off. Whoops.

Simmons and Fitz leap into the battle arena together, shorting out the shield between it and the viewing box so no one can shoot at them. They finally kiss, swear they’re never leaving one another again, and then Simmons proposes! Fitz immediately accepts, but as they hobble out with Daisy in tow, he points out, he did propose before. “I’m sure you did,” Simmons says, gently.

Field Notes

Enoch has disguised himself as a Kree for purposes yet to be revealed. So I guess he really is on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s side?

Tess, we hardly knew you. It is really not looking good for any guest stars and newcomers this season, sheesh.

Congrats to Clark Gregg on directing this awesome episode!

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