Darin Morgan Brings Fake News And A Little Something For The Fans To Tonight’s The X-Files

Credit: FOX

With the first few episodes of season 11, The X-Files has found its stride once again. Well at least with the Monster-of-the-Week episodes, the current mythology is just totally out there. We are back to the days of the classic Mulder/Scully banter and UST, the interesting quirky unexplained mysteries to solve and the spookiness that was often missing in season 10. Thankfully this appears to be continuing tonight with the Darin Morgan penned and directed episode, “The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat”.

Any X-Phile worth their weight in sunflower seeds needs no introduction to Morgan. This is the guy that brought us the irreverent eps “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”, “Small Potatoes” and “War of the Coprophages”… and we’ll just forget about season 10’s “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster”. Tonight’s episode seems to be very in a similar vein to the aforementioned eps, and that has us counting down the hours till 8pm.

One possible explanation for the current X-File in tonight’s ep is The Mandela Effect — the concept of which is explored in the episode. The Mandela Effect occurs when masses of people remember something differently from how it actually happened. Guest starring Brian Huskey (Veep), the episode will provide a number of goodies for its loyal fans, including Huskey’s character’s name. ““Forehead Sweat” trades heavily in nostalgia in a way we don’t want to spoil before you see it,” Morgan told TVLine. “We will say that Huskey’s character’s name, if not a full-on Easter Egg, is something of a sweet marshmallow Peep for fans”.

While taking on a very light-hearted tone as Morgan is wont to do, the episode also uses this tool to examine a serious topical problem… Fake news! “I don’t know what to say. I have very strong views about it, and yet it’s difficult for me to do anything in a straight, serious vein,” he said, adding that humor often stops people who are opposed to an idea from rejecting it outright. “Whatever someone’s political stance is, what party they belong to, they will be able to watch the episode and appreciate what it’s actually trying to say [without] having too knee-jerk of a reaction.”

Check out the sneak peek scene released by TVLine from tonight’s ep below and tune into The X-Files on FOX at 8pm.

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