CW President Confirms That Wally West is Headed to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

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After four years of witnessing Barry and his friends zip and zap through time and space, we have learned one thing – speedsters should not time travel. It ruins things more often than it helps and people die (or in the tragic case of sweet little Sara Diggle, they get erased from existence).

However, it seems that one particular speedster will continue his time-travelling shenanigans in the future.

The big two-night DCTV crossover and the mid-season finales that followed have left a hole in the team of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. We had to say goodbye to Victor Garber’s Martin Stein, who lost his life in a heart-breaking scene during the crossover. We also saw his other half Jefferson Jackson bid farewell only an episode later. With Firestorm ripped from us (and the legends), the team is in dire need of (supernatural) assistance. This is where the speedster comes in.

In an interview with Black Girl Nerds, the CW’s president Mark Pedowitz confirmed that there will be new additions to the legends team: “As we’ve lost some characters this season, you will see new ones pop up,”

One of the characters popping up will be The Flash’s very own Wally West. Still, one thing Pedowitz was tight-lipped about was the duration of Wally’s stay with the legends. Will he only appear as a guest star in one episode, or will he become a permanent member of the team? “I can’t answer that, you’ll have to watch!”, teased Pedowitz.

Earlier this season on The Flash, Wally had decided to head to Blue Valley to spend some time with a friend of his. Who could that mysterious friend be?

Kid Flash can certainly bring a new atmosphere to the team. The legends have never worked with a speedster in their midst (apart from Barry during the crossovers), but have faced Eobard Thawne in the past.

Wally’s appearance is bound to throw off some of the power regulations within the team, as those without special superhuman abilities (read: Mick) could feel threatened by the powerful meta-human. Wally is charismatic and energetic, with a natural talent for leadership – he could even challenge Sara Lance for the position of captain. That is if he stays around a bit longer.

Plus: using the Wave Rider to travel through time comes with a lot less problems!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns with new episodes February 13 at 9/8ct on The CW.

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