Ant-Man And The Wasp Battle The Ghost And Giant Pez Dispensers In First Trailer

Credit: Marvel

At the risk of showing my age, I have to tell  you I was excited when we opened up the Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer  – and the strains of Adam and The Ants “Ant Invasion” started playing!

The follow up to Paul ‘he who never ages’ Rudd’s latest outing as Ant-Man is nothing short of amazing looking. Shrinking buildings, giant pez dispensers, and awesome miniature fight scenes and you know that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We again see Rudd in his specially designed suit. He is also joined by Evangeline Lily in the other suit that Hank Pymm designed, that we saw at the end of the first Ant-Man.  What is interesting that this is the first release where a female Marvel hero has equal billing. With Captain Marvel on the way and the word on the street about the new Black Widow film being created, perhaps someone is actually paying attention that Marvel is not a male only domain.

The only thing missing from the trailer was Michael Pena’s Luis, he who tells the best versions of back story in any Marvel film.

As for the villain of the piece, because what kind of superhero movie doesn’t have a villain, this movie sees Hannah John-Kammen in the role of Ghost. In comics, Ghost is male and has infused his body with a unique microchip technology that he invented. It grants him a “cyberpathic” connection to computer networks, making him a world class hacker.

So far, little has been revealed about the plot and how it ties in to Ant Man and the Wasp‘s story line, but sometimes, less is more.

Ant Man and The Wasp opens in cinemas on July 5th in Australia, July 6th in the USA and August 3rd in the UK

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