Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: The “Best Laid Plans” For The Agents Often End Up In Zero-G

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Another week, another adventure in space. Our team is still a little separated but they’re working on it. Daisy still has no power but she mostly doesn’t need them. And the timeline doesn’t get any clearer but there may be hope ahead. Then again, the best laid plans of mice and men…

Now that they know they need Flint, all of the team on Earth is trying to get back to the space station. As soon as we saw Flint’s powers, most of the fandom guessed he was the key to saving the Earth. But it’s because he can find the other pieces of the broken monolith through rock WiFi. Getting up into space is a problem for several reasons, including the gravity storm bearing down on the Zephyr. Simmons might have the solution to that.

Earlier, Fitz and Simmons discovered a gravity substance on board that they must have invented in the past, which is also their personal future. The only way they would’ve been able to do that is by seeing it in the future first. Which means they are doomed to repeat this time loop, in Fitz’s opinion, but Simmons just sees hope that they return to their timeline. And it’s perhaps that hope that helps her realize they can ride the gravity storm up into space and then use the Zephyr’s thrusters to get back to the space station.

Now if only those gravity anchors on the ship would release. Daisy unbuckles to pull them loose manually, which she does right before Sinara attacks. The two have a pretty amazing zero-G fight, without powers of course, and for a while it looks like Daisy is going to win again. Then Sinara gets the better of her and is about to kill Daisy when Deke intervenes. With his help (by mostly acting as a distraction) and a nice little assist from zero-G again, Daisy impales Sinara on a pole. The Zephyr floats into space just as planned.

Mack and Elena have done a good job turning the humans into a cohesive rebel army, though they disagree on how much of a role Flint should pay. While Elena has a point that the kid has already killed, Mack astutely remarks that the boy is developing a taste for it. Never a good sign. You know what else isn’t a good sign? When the dead come back to life. Needing a messenger that really gets people’s attention, Kasius somehow resurrects Tess. She tells the humans that unless they hand over Flint and all the children, he’ll kill the human race “with the push of a button.”

At first, Mack thinks Kasius plans to cut the oxygen but actually finds explosive all over that are rigged to blow up the humans’ levels. To try to gain an upper hand, or at least even the playing field, Mack and Elena collect all of the DNA and samples in Kasius’ lab. Without them, he can’t breed more Inhumans. Through Tess, they relay their surrender but hold the lab materials as a hostage between themselves and Kasius.

Once they see the remote Kasius will use to set off the bombs, Elena tries to grab it. However, the Kree guards have set a forcefield around Kasius that even she can’t penetrate. But it doesn’t matter. Kasius pushes the button and all he blows up are some lower levels with no one on them. The humans moved the bombs down and themselves up. Rubbing salt in the wound, Mack incinerates the lab materials before he, Elena, and Flint take off.

Coulson makes contact with Mack to say they’re on their way and please for the love of God keep Flint safe. Unfortunately, Kasius knows they’re coming. He has a Seer of his own that he’s just now consulting?


Field Notes

It’s comforting to know that the timeline this season isn’t making any sense to the characters either.

A running joke this week was Daisy pointing out May’s mom-like characteristics. Just more proof that Coulson and May really are the parents of this team.

I don’t like Voss but I respect his astute observation that May is Coulson’s girlfriend.

Coulson: “It’s a rock, Flint controls rocks, I don’t know.”

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