4YE’s 2017 Year In Review: In With The New: What We’re Excited For From Marvel Movies In 2018

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Let’s face it – 2017 sucked. The only bright side, it seems, was the excellent crop of superhero flicks and shows we got! From Thor: Ragnarok to Spider-Man: Homecoming, it was a pretty good year for MCU fans. But do you know what’s better than 2017’s crop of Marvel media? The upcoming 2018 season of Marvel! Both within the MCU and outside of it, 2018 promises to be a kick-ass year for fans of Marvel comics. What do we have to look forward to? Let’s take a look…

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Black Panther
Coming February 16 will be Black Panther. We got our first big-screen look at T’Challa in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, but this film has been hotly anticipated since it was rumored to be in the works back in 2011. Excitement grew in 2014 when Chadwick Boseman was announced to be the man in the vibranium suit. Directed by Ryan Coogler and co-starring big names like Lupita Nyong’o, Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, and Danai Gurira, Black Panther promises to be another MCU knock-out hit.

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The New Mutants
It may not be part of the MCU, but the upcoming film about the X-Men-adjacent team called The New Mutants is going to be a game-changer. Starring, among others, Stranger Things‘ Charlie Heaton and Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams, this superhero film will fall more into the genre of horror than action. The premise is that five young mutants find themselves trapped in an eerie medical facility, fighting to escape. Director Josh Boone promises this will be an honest-to-god horror film, and the first one of its kind. Plus, the best part? This is the first part of what the studio is prepared to make a trilogy! The New Mutants will hit theaters on April 13.

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Avengers: Infinity War
Well, folks, in just a few short months the wait will finally be over. Not only will the Avengers, as we know them, assemble for a third time, but they will be joined by the Guardians of the Galaxy, Bucky Barnes, Spider-Man, and, apparently, all of Wakanda. Honestly, there is no way to fully describe the epic scope of what’s to come with this film. It’s the beginning of the culmination of a decade of the MCU. Make sure you buy your tickets well in advance of the film’s May 4 release date!

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Ant-Man and The Wasp
I bet you forgot about this one, huh? Well, shame on you! The sequel to 2015’s Ant-Man will debut Michelle Pfeiffer’s iteration of one of my favorite Marvel heroes, Janet van Dyne, aka The Wasp! When we left off, Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym had just found out that it was possible to return from the Quantum Realm, where Janet had become lost. We don’t know much about the plot, but it stands to reason that we’ll pick up with Pym attempting to repeat the process and save his wife. If that’s not enough of a draw, it has been confirmed that we have not seen the last of Scott Lang’s trio of BFFs, played by T.I., Michael Peña, and David Dastmalchian. Ant-Man and The Wasp is slated for a release date of July 6!

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Deadpool 2
Words cannot explain how pumped I am for this one, folks. Do we actually know much about the plot? Nope. But there is a line in a Deadpool comic where Cable says that the reason he became a time-traveler was to get away from Deadpool, and, honestly, that’s the kind of relationship I’m hoping to get in this film from those two. Not only am I excited for that dynamic, but Zazie Beetz as Domino? I’m so here for it.

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Full disclosure: the above photo is from Spider-Man 3. I apologize. Well, honestly, we don’t know very much about this one, but what we do know has us excited. Tom Hardy will star as the titular character, and he is joined by Golden Globe winner Riz Ahmed. Already it sounds way better than the source of the photo above, to be honest. Rumor has it that Venom will feature another legendary Spider-villain – Carnage!

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

X-Men: Dark Phoenix
In this highly anticipated X-Men film, Sophie Turner’s Jean Gray will live out the events of one of Marvel’s most iconic storylines: The Dark Phoenix Saga! While this plotline was half-heartedly introduced in X-Men: The Last Stand, those events were effectively erased with the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past. With that in mind, we can look forward to a more fleshed out version of the story, and one that will stay truer to its comic counterpart. Plus, there is the potential to introduce the Shi’ar, one of Marvel’s OG alien races. Does it get any more exciting than that?

Which film are you the most excited for? Keep an eye on 4YE in 2018 for all the latest news on your favorite upcoming Marvel flicks!