They Win Some, They Lose Some In This Week’s Midseason Finale Of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

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The death of Martin Stein has left its marks in the lives of our heroes, and during this week’s mid-season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow his team tries to cope with the loss. Simultaneously they once again have to save the world from the clutches of Damien Darhk.

Central City, 1992

Christmas (or rather the fifth night of Hannukah) is upon us as we follow a young Martin Stein to Toys Are We. The professor is on the look-out for a certain Beebo doll for his daughter. After successfully securing the final doll, he suddenly finds himself surrounded by Barbarians.

On the Waverider the team receives counselling from Leo, Snart’s doppelganger from Earth-X with varying degrees of success. While Ray and Nate willingly accept Leo’s rather questionable methods of coping (they include a puppet version of Martin), the rest of the team remains skeptical.

Sara tries to pick the team up by throwing them into a new adventure. They have been alerted to a Level 12 anachronism, which has resulted in the Vikings having colonizing North America. They have claimed the United States as their own and named it New Valhalla.

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North America, 1000 AD

To learn a bit more about the anachronism, the Legends head out for a recon mission. It is interrupted when Jefferson spots the captured young version of Martin. He is able to free him and takes him back to the ship. The legends also learn that the God the Vikings adhere to is the little blue Beebo doll, who supposedly tells them to conquer the new world.

Agent Ava Sharpe gets in touch with the team to enquire about the high-leveled anachronism. Sara ends up asking her and the Time Bureau for assistance in the field. Together, with the team, the two women dress up as Vikings. As they feast and celebrate with the other clan, they try to extract the Beebo doll.

Chaos ensues when Mick is caught stealing alcohol from the doll. He is sentenced to burn in front of their God as a sacrifice. Luckily Leo and his cold gun step in ahead of time. A battle ensues, which ends with the Beebo doll being grilled by Mick, who once again proudly proclaims his hatred of puppets.

As it always tends to be, their luck is short-lived, as Damien and Nora Darhk appear, dressed as Norse Gods, appealing to the Vikings to follow their rule. How they do so without questioning Damien’s cheap wig remains the biggest mystery of the night.

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The team returns to the Waverider to regroup. Sara says she wants to take on Damien Darhk alone, not willing to lose any more loved ones. The group goes through different scenarios of how them facing Darhk could end (for example with Sara dead at the hands of his magic). Eventually, they decide that they need as much back-up as possible. They try to recruit some Time Bureau agents. The organization refuses to get involved, not willing to pick a fight with the Darhks.

After agreeing on a tactic, the Legends head into war against the Darhks and their army of Vikings. Ray distracts the Vikings with another Beebo doll, while Nate, Zari and Sara take on Damien, and Mick and Leo take on his daughter. They are eventually able to take her out, and worried for his child, Damien retreats.

But this time, Sara tags along. Through the use of his magic, Damien is able to jump through time, but Sara gets lost along the way in an alternate dimension which looks suspiciously like the Upside Down. She hears a voice, Mallus, telling her he is almost ready to take over her world. She is taken back to their dimension by Agent Sharpe, who has returned to save the Legends’ butts. Or maybe only Sara’s …

Meanwhile Mick and Leo continue their little game of “who’s the worse doppelganger” with quick-witted banter and grunted responses throughout the episode. Leo challenges Mick to quit his drinking habit. Ultimately, he realizes he can’t change this world’s version of his best friend.

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On another end of the Waverider, Zari is trying to distract Jefferson. He opens up about his wish to warn the young Martin Stein about his death in 2017. She encourages him to go behind Sara’s back. He is hesitant to manipulate time, but ultimately writes Martin a letter that he asks him to read in November of 2017. What Jefferson didn’t expect was young Martin’s response: he burns the letter, not wanting the future to change.

Still, Jefferson decides he needs to take some time away from the Waverider to be able to move on from Martin’s death. While he’d rather leave without saying goodbye, Sara and the team surprise him with a big Christmas feast. In a scene that could leave the toughest person teary-eyed, Jefferson bids his family goodbye. For now.

The mid-season finale ends with a surprise and the return of an old, beloved character. John Constantine (Matt Ryan) is back to cash in a favour. After restoring Sara’s soul in Arrow’s season four, he is now ready for her for her help. He needs help with a young girl possessed by a demon, and the demon knows Sara’s name. We’re officially intrigued.

But we also have a million questions. How did Constantine find Sara on the Waverider which is meant to exist beyond space and time? Will it be explained away with magic? Can Constantine be the key to beating Damien and Nora, who, as villains, quickly lose their appeal? Who is the demon? Could it be the demon, Ras al Ghul? Will we see Jefferson again or was this a departure for good? What’s the deal with Agent Sharpe and Sara? Are we imagining things or are they building up for a romantic entanglement?

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Favorite Lines

Sara: Listen, Leo. Kicking ass is how we heal.

Jefferson: When Grey first dragged me on board this ship, I thought it was the last place that I wanted to be. I mean you were all a bunch of screw ups, B-list super heroes, washed up bank robbers, no offense … But the thing is, when you get a bunch of broken pieces, and you put them all together the right way, they make something new, and suddenly they don’t feel so broken anymore. I’m pretty sure that’s what a family is.  I don’t know what happens next, but I know I’ll always have a family here with you guys.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns with new episodes February 2018 on The CW.

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