SHIELD Recap: Agents of SHIELD Hits “Rewind” to Show What Happened to Fitz

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As soon as season 5 began and Fitz was nowhere in sight, we have been asking the same questions. Where is he? Why wasn’t he brought to the future too? What happened to him? And how is he “working” on saving his friends? In “Rewind,” we got most of the answers and whatever you were expecting, you’re going to be surprised.

Fittingly, we begin back at the beginning. The team is having their last meal at the diner. A group of agents comes in and next Fitz knows, everyone else is gone. He barely has time to say Jemma’s name when the military arrives and arrests him. Even though they’re sure he helped his friends escape, the military realizes Fitz wants to find the missing group even more than they do. So they agree to let him help them and give him his requested supplies: pen, paper, books, and TV to watch soccer.

Six months later, Fitz has talked out and put forward every theory he can think of… with zero luck. He has mailed over a few angry fan letters to a soccer magazine with more success. Just as the military brass decides Fitz’s latest theory (alien abduction) is the final straw, his lawyer appears. Lance Hunter is back and sassy as ever.

Alone, the two shout about soccer and Hunter’s delay in arriving but then embrace in a much-needed hug. Fitz has a long escape plan already worked out, but Hunter has never been patient. He blows a hole in the prison wall. The guys escape in an RV belonging to Hunter’s recently deceased pilot friend (the helicopter meant as a distraction during the prison break instead exploded). Luckily, the ex-pilot kept a bunch of surveillance equipment in the RV, allowing Fitz to search for video footage of the truck that pulled up to the diner and, presumably, left with his friends.

Following the truck leads Fitz and Hunter to the home of the bald alien from the premiere. Enoch is very willing to help and admits everyone else was sent to the future because of a prophecy. When Fitz asks to be sent as well, Enoch says the monolith only works from the other side so he can’t. However, after some persuasion, Enoch takes them to see the person who made the prophecy.

Remember back in season 3 there was an Inhuman who shared a vision of someone’s death every time he touched another person? Daisy had visited his daughter, Robin. Well, Robin has some of her father’s ability though her visions are mainly expressed in drawings. One of those drawings showed the Earth destroyed, prompting Enoch to send everyone but Fitz to the future to prevent this from happening. When Fitz later asks why he was left behind, Robin says he’s meant to save the others.

After evading the military yet again, Hunter and Fitz return… to the military base. See, Enoch arrived in a spaceship that could take Fitz to the future but it’s being held at the same base Fitz just broke out of. Getting in is a lot easier this time; it just takes a couple of maintenance uniforms and forged IDs. They find the ship and a quinjet for good measure and leave with both.

But when Enoch said the vessel could get Fitz to the future, he was talking about taking the long way. Fitz has to cryogenically freeze himself for 80 years to get to the right date. At least Enoch has a real ship to orbit himself and frozen Fitz somewhere safe while they wait. When Fitz wakes, Enoch has devised a plan to get Fitz close to his friends. He hands him the helmet we saw Fitz sporting last week.

And what of the military? They had a rough time of it but no one more than the two detectives assigned to Fitz. Displeased with their results, or lack thereof, Talbot’s replacement shoots them in the head.


Field Notes

It feels like ten years have passed since I heard Lance Hunter make a snarky joke. We need him to come back more often.

Hunter, as Fitz is about to be cryo-frozen: “I love you.”

Fitz: “I know.”


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