“Reign” Makes Herself Known In The Midseason Finale Of Supergirl

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Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Crisis on Earth-X has closed. Now it’s time to return to our regularly scheduled plot. For those of you who didn’t tune into the crossover, here’s essentially what Alex and Kara had come to terms with. Alex made her peace with her decision to break up with Maggie. Kara, having seen the absolute worst version of herself, seems ready to embrace her humanity and move on from Mon-El.

And for those of you who need a refresher on the show, here we go. Morgan Edge is the absolute worst. Mon-El is back from the future, was gone for seven years, and is married. Sam found the Fortress of Sanctuary and learned that her having Ruby suppressed her powers. Reign was the awakened by the Fortress’ hologram, reminding me of Smallville’s Jor-El.

So let’s recap it, shall we?

Nightmares: Sam dreams of using laser vision and wakes up suddenly. Ruby asks about her trip, but Sam doesn’t remember it at all. Sam is just very confused, but she pushes it aside for her daughter. At the DEO, Kara and company get the story of the Legion. That there was chaos in the 31st century and that Mon-El organized them based on Kara’s ideals. There was something called “The Darkness” that was spreading. Kara is clearly feeling awkward between marriage, Imra’s worship of her, and just everything. Kara invites them to a holiday party, but Mon-El declines. They need to repair their ship. At the holiday party at Kara’s apartment, J’onn reveals his love of Hall & Oates. James and Lena seem to be flirting. Winn is wearing a holiday sweater and M’yrnn loves hot chocolate. Ruby and Sam arrive. Sam’s a little distracted and tired, but doesn’t know why. Sam and Kara both push the Lena and James romance subplot. Kara calls Lena and Sam her best friends. (I believe Lena, but Sam feels unearned.) Meanwhile, J’onn has gotten a call. Vasquez says that Kara needs to go up to see why they were called after the fact of the arson. It’s Reign’s symbol.

Symbols: Kara asks her mother’s AI about the symbol, which is from ancient Krypton. We also get a cool history lesson about Krypton. Meanwhile, the tensions are running high due to the mysterious symbols appearing over town. James starts assigning stories. Lena, however, thinks that its Morgan Edge. Edge, however, denies everything to do with the symbols. Kara and Winn, meanwhile, go to the bar to ask questions. Mon-El is still stuck with his ship and is recycling date ideas with his wife. Classy dude. He and Kara talk for a moment. Kara gets a call from the prison and Covelle is back. With answers! Creepy, creepy answers.

World Killer: Kara says that there are no end of days in Kryptonian, but what Covelle is talking about the World Killer. Apparently, Covelle met a disgraced Kryptonian priestess from Fort Rozz. (Oh hey someone remembered that!) She gave him the lowdown on the World Killer. She’s the Devil that predates Rao. She will bring the world to its knees. Kara is freaked out. Meanwhile, Sam is still spacing out and sleepy. She can’t be home for Christmas Eve. Ruby gets upset about it. Sam talks about a Christmas that they spent at a truck stop and gives Ruby a pendant with the sigil of El. At the DEO, Kara dismisses Covelle’s theory. J’onn agrees with her, believing that it’s just something to further his delusions. Imra offers to take a look, but she wants to talk to Kara first. The pair of them have a very adult conversation. Imra understands how weird this is for Kara and apologizes for any distress. She tells Kara that Mon-El remained true to her until he realized that he was never coming back to her. Kara assures her that she’s fine. At an abandoned warehouse, someone with a laser tries to assassinate Lena and James. But it’s just some rando and not Reign. She handles a drug shipment down at a warehouse.

Attempt: Sam comes in to check on Lena and James. Lena tells her that Edge hired the hitman, which triggers Reign. At the DEO, Kara refuses to believe that Covelle’s prophecy. She goes to figure out her next step. Mon-El, however, wants to talk with her. Kara is at the very edge of breaking. It’s been seven years for Mon-El, but for Kara it hasn’t been a year yet. She’s having a hard time dealing with all of this. So he needs to give her space. (Hopefully, he’s learn the definition.) Edge calls Lena to give her his condolences, which she is not having. His Christmas party is then attacked by Reign, who wants to kill him. God we can only hope. He, of course, has a lead lined panic room where he hides. Everyone is just kind of wishing that they let her kill him. Kara, however, says it doesn’t matter the person. They need to take the city. So she burns the sigil of El onto the roof of Catco as an act of defiance.

Reign: Edge puts the blame on Supergirl for the attack. Although, he lets the press infer. Sociopath. Lena and James share a drink and a kiss. I don’t like the plot, but it was a fairly hot kiss. Mon-El and Imra train and have a cuddly moment. Winn and Alex inform her that the Kryptonian is waiting for her. Alex pulls Kara aside and tells her to be alien and be cold. Kara stands down with Reign, who tells her to stand down or feel her justice. So the fight begins. The fight spills into a holiday party also immediately. God no one is having a good time at these things this week. Reign and Kara definitely seem very evenly matched. I have to admit that they definitely went go big or go home with the fight. Reign seems to have gotten the best of Supergirl. When Kara is distracted by telling the civilians to stay back, Reign whacks her on the head. Kara’s actually bleeding and refuses to stay down. Reign declares that she will kill her. She drops Kara off the edge of the roof. Now would be a great time for J’onn to catch her. Nope. She hits the pavement hard. Alex immediately comes running toward her sister. Kara isn’t dead, but is immediately rushed toward the hospital wing. Alex frets over her. On Christmas morning, Ruby comes down to wish her mom a Merry Christmas. But well…

See you all on January 15th!

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