Marvel Teams With Stitcher For Wolverine: The Long Night Podcast

Credit: Marvel

Podcasting is such an interesting medium. When we get into scripted podcasting, then people are calling it a return to the Golden Age of Radio. Except in the modern day.

I’m not going to disagree with them on that. I like hearing the scripted shows. The thought has crossed my mind about what would happen if some bigger companies got involved in them. I always would have loved a show set in the MCU based on the regular people who live there. Or maybe an Arrowverse podcast about all the strange things that happen in the various cities.

Well it looks like Marvel is taking that step with one of its most popular characters.

The comics giant is teaming with the podcast platform Stitcher for a scripted Wolverine podcast. Titled The Long Night, the drama follows “two government agents investigating a series of murders in the fictional town of Burns, Alaska.” Their prime suspect is none other than the surly, cigar chomping, Logan (Richard Armitage).

Ben Percy, better known as DC Comics writer, is penning the 10-episode series. Marvel describes the show as “a captivating hybrid of mystery and the larger-scale fantasy of the Marvel Universe”.

Is this the beginning of the Marvel Audio Verse? And, if so, then where can I sign up?

It’s not the first time that Marvel tried appealing with an auditory experience. There was an attempted Fantastic Four radio drama in the 70s, right at the death of the audio drama. There was also a concept album based on Spider-Man.

Wolverine: The Long Night will be unveiled by Stitcher to its premium members in the spring. The series will then get a wide release come fall.

Bec Heim

Bec Heim

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