Iris Faces An Impossible Choice In “Don’t Run” On The Flash

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Hey Flash fans!

Well Barry and Iris’ wedding was probably not what they were hoping for. In the end, though, they got married. Even if Felicity kind of hijacked it. While Ralph drove them batty in this deleted scene, here’s hoping the pair had some semblance of a honeymoon.

Just to refresh everyone about where we were in the last storyline episode of the show, here we go. Barry got a little too fixated on DeVoe (who he was right about), getting suspended and issued a restraining order. DeVoe thinks that no one is using their intellect correctly. He becomes the smartest man on Earth, but is dying of advanced ALS due to his brain using most of his energy. He wants Team Flash to experience the Enlightenment. Also the Mechanic is his wife and I ship it.

Why DeVoe doesn’t use his gifts to cure cancer or something will presumably remain the eternal question.

Let’s see what kind of mind games DeVoe has in store, shall we?

Holidays: Cisco and Harry decorate the tree while arguing about tinsel to surface ratio. Gypsy is late in getting Cisco his gift. We also learn that Cisco, Harry, and Ralph have been hanging with Killer Frost. Caitlin is a bit hurt by this. Meanwhile, Barry and Iris upwrap gifts and Iris shade the last-minute wedding between Olicity. Iris wants to know why Barry is slowing down and not using his powers as much. Barry tells Iris that he doesn’t need to run when he’s with her because she brings him peace. At the DeVoe home, Clifford is having trouble dressing himself. He declares that today is the day, and the Mechanic mentions something about his birth. He assures her that he will stand beside her soon. (Why do I think that he wants Barry’s body?) Caitlin feels down in the dumps that everyone suddenly loves Killer Frost, especially after she worried so much. Harry reassures Caitlin that her friends would rather have her than Frost. And then Amunet comes in. Barry and Iris return the forty toasters that Rory got (read stole) them when The Thinker attacks. Amunet knocks out Harry and comes for Caitlin. Barry, meanwhile, grabs Iris away from DeVoe, who takes Barry.

Double Duty: STAR Labs quickly goes into double time trying to figure out what happened. When Cisco tries to vibe Barry, he’s thrown back and stopped by what dampeners DeVoe has up. Barry wakes up in the Thinker’s lair, where he’s locked in. Clearly the Mechanic has been busy. Meanwhile Amunet takes Caitlin takes her to an abandoned warehouse where she meets her patient, Dominic. Caitlin makes it clear she can’t do it here, but Amunet threatens Dominic. If he dies though, so does Caitlin. In the Thinker’s lair, he comes to greet Barry. Caitlin meets Dominic, where he demonstrates his telepathy. He is also one of the bus metas, a TSA agent. Barry asks DeVoe why he is here. DeVoe wants to give Barry a lesson. Barry, however, wants an answer, but DeVoe compares him to an infant. He wants to give Barry a lesson in Life 101 that there are no happy endings. Joe rings the bell, informing Barry that he needs to lose once and while. Not Joe!

Lessons: DeVoe greets Joe, who denies knowing where Barry is. He does know that Harry is there with a gun. DeVoe agrees for Joe to search the home for Barry. So clearly his lab is very well-hidden. Barry, meanwhile, continues to try to vibrate through the barrier. The Mechanic stops that and he tries to reason with her. She, however, refuses to listen to him declaring that his brain is smarter than Barry’s. Cisco, meanwhile, is having issues with the satellite looking for both Barry and Caitlin’s signatures. Ralph is no help and Cisco is not having it. Iris gets them focused on the mission at hand. Harry tells Iris that she needs to choose Barry or Caitlin. As team leader, Iris needs to make that choice. She has to pick one, or lose them both. Caitlin tries to break free and tells Dominic about Killer Frost. She realizes that Dominic has abilities to get them out of here. The two of them try to stage an escape. Amunet stops them before they can get out though.

The Choice: Amunet comes back with her captives, speaking with Caitlin in private. Amunet shares her backstory: flight attendant. She was sexually harassed by pilots, got her own power, and took revenge. (Was this episode written before or after Kreisberg’s suspension/firing?) Amunet assures Caitlin that she is remarkable on her own without Killer Frost. She tells Caitlin to buck up and do the procedure. Ralph yells at the satellite trying to make it work faster. Cisco apologizes to Ralph about yelling at him. Ralph admits that he’s out of practice with having friends and that he ruined Christmas. Cisco tells Ralph that he’s here and helping. Iris comes in with the game plan, saying that they’re focusing on Caitlin. Barry can take care of himself. Caitlin begins the procedure on Dominic with a jerry-rigged MRI. She extracts the foreign body, but Dominic goes into shock. (You know Amunet, I would have made sure that you had proper equipment before kidnapping Caitlin.)

Freedom: Caitlin continues working on Dominic before everyone starts passing out. She gassed the room. The two are able to run out and STAR Labs tracks the cryokinetic signature. Cisco and Ralph are able to rescue them. Barry vibrated faster than the eye could process to get freed, but DeVoe declares that it’s far from over. He takes Barry on a nightfly throughout the city. Barry is able to get free and activates the flotation mode on his suit. DeVoe, meanwhile, crashes into the water. That seems way too easy, and it probably was! (Anyone else having a feeling that the Trial of the Flash is happening this season?) Barry returns to STAR Labs and the waiting Iris, who runs into his arms.

Quiet: Everyone tries to figure out why DeVoe kidnapped him. He and the Mechanic are gone, but Barry thinks that they want his powers. Barry reassures Iris, telling her that she made the right call. He tells Iris that it’s time for them to have a good Christmas together. Joe finds his house decorated courtesy of Santa Ralph. He apologizes to everyone, butgives a private apology to Caitlin. Cisco gets his gift from Gypsy which he thinks is a break-up cube, but is like a sex cube. Dominic comes in to celebrate the holidays. Cisco christens him Brainstorm. The security alarm goes off at the loft, but Dominic calls him. DeVoe possesses his body, declaring that he should have listened to his teacher. DeVoe created the bus metas to find Dominic and download his mind into him. DeVoe tells Barry that someone needs to miss him when he’s gone. It’s his knife and his old body. I KNEW IT! TRIAL OF THE FLASH! The midseason finale closes with Barry getting arrested while new!DeVoe and the Mechanic are reunited.

See you all January 16th!

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