Assassination Of Gianni Versace Cast And Crew Dissect This American Crime Story In New Teaser

Credit: Jeff Daly/FX

The latest chapter of American Crime Story, focusing on the assassination of famed fashion designer Gianni Versace, is only a few weeks away from premiering.

From the trailers to the promos, it looks like that the second season of the anthology series may top its Emmy-award winning first season, The Trial of OJ Simpson.

In the newest trailer for the show, cast and crew come together to talk about what makes Gianni Versace’s assassination and Andrew Cunanan’s spree-killing a distinctly American crime.

Executive producer Nina Jacobson shared the philosophy of the show.

“What we’re interested in is what makes this an American crime, a crime America is guilty of — not just the characters we’re exploring.”

The manhunt for Cunanan was, as Darren Criss puts it, the “largest failed mahunt in American history”.

Ricky Martin, who plays Versace’s boyfriend Antonio D’Amico, said that “some people still don’t understand why it happened”.

Part of it is the climate and attitudes toward the LGBT community in the 90s, which the series will also explore.

Criss, who plays Cunanan, put it best: “The truth is, fear and prejudice, unfortunately, is always in fashion.”

The Assassination of Gianni Versace will air January 17th at 10pm on FX.

Bec Heim