Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Movie Sets October 2019 Release

Credit: Nickelodeon

The first show that I would watch under cover of the blanket and through one was Are You Afraid of the Dark?  It was something that started a fascination with scary stories. Even though I am an admitted wimp and can only watch them in bursts of courage followed by pausing in fear.

Needless to say, a major wave of nostalgia washed over me when I heard that Are You Afraid of the Dark? was getting the film treatment. I’m still a little confused as to how that will go down. I’m hoping that inspiration will be taken from the season seven three-parter “The Tale of the Silver Sight”.  In it, the Midnight Society were the main characters.

Honestly, I’m hoping for something better than the recent Goosebumps movie.

With the co-writer of the recent version of It, Gary Dauberman, penning the script. I’m optimistic about the film.

Even more optimistically, Paramount Pictures has given a scary good release date to the film. According to Entertainment WeeklyAre You Afraid of the Dark? will be released October 11th, 2019. It will open opposite of The Goldfinch, the adaptation of the Donna Tartt book.

Something for the parents and something for the kids, it definitely seems like a good opening weekend. Plus it was a film begging for an October release.

Now here’s my question to the former members of the Midnight Society, are you ready for one more story?

Bec Heim

Bec Heim

Senior Editor at 4YE
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Bec Heim

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