Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Debates The Price Of “A Life Spent”

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In space, everyone can still hear you quaking through several levels of concrete. Because you’re in a space station. This week, our agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. search for answers and Daisy forgets the covert portion of spywork. Also, new allies make tough decisions as the motto “a life spent, a life earned” is put to the test.

Most of our heroes are stuck working salvage for Grill, the guy who gave them metrics and then offered them up to die in his place. Coulson is obsessed with Virgil’s notes. He notices the same number come up again and again and decides to investigate. Reluctant new friend Tess is able to get Coulson, May, and Mack with her on a salvage mission. They fly out and look at the different chunks of Earth floating around. Eventually, Coulson locates Virgil’s hidden radio on the ship and they determine he was communicating with someone on the surface of the ruined planet.

Sadly, the discoveries stop there because Grill’s foreman sees the contraband radio and subdues the group. Some quick piloting by May and yet another punch from Mack come to the rescue. The logical solution would be to dump the foreman out the door but S.H.I.E.L.D. is trying to retain some morality in this sadistic future. They return to the station with the foreman alive and he quickly tells Grill what they did.

But Elena has everyone’s back. She plants a gun, which is forbidden, on the foreman and when Grill finds it, the others are set free. The foreman’s punishment? He’s sent to Earth’s surface and is instantly killed by Roaches.  

Simmons is doing her absolute best to take in everything about Kasius and the Kree. It’s a tough job, especially because most of the time she can’t hear anything. Kasius is getting ready to host an important guest and wants Simmons’ help. A teenager named Abby has recently gone through Terrigenesis, something every 18-year-old is required to do. She unlocked the power to alter her molecular density, meaning she can be light enough to pass through objects or as heavy as lead.

The problem is Abby doesn’t have full control of her powers and she’s supposed to demonstrate them for Kasius and his guest. With Simmons’ kind and patient guidance, Abby is able to use her powers at will for the first time. That’s enough for Kasius to send her in to fight against a massive “champion.” At first, Abby falters because she’s terrified. But Simmons quietly reminds her of their lesson and the teen gets the upper hand. She smashes her opponent’s hand by turning to lead and then phases her arm through his chest and kills him. Pleased, Kasius’ guest buys Abby for a good price, angering Simmons. But there’s nothing she can do.

Left behind to work in salvage while everyone else goes on a space adventure, Elena was able to make contact with Daisy. They put together a plan for Elena to steal the device Daisy needs to access Kasius’ floors in order to save Simmons. All goes well except Daisy doesn’t stay as hidden as she could have. Two Kree spot her in the elevator and though she’s able to fight them off, she makes a lot of noise and uses her powers. Not a good choice.

Daisy quakes down to Kasius’ level and goes searching for Simmons. But she’s only gone a few steps when she’s trapped and knocked out with sleeping gas. Before she falls unconscious, she sees Deke. He’s sold her out to Kasius.

Field Notes

Did anyone else hear Fitz’s voice in the transmissions on Virgil’s radio?

How was Daisy managing to walk around so many areas without a metric and without being detected? For such a tightly run space station, they have some gaping security holes.

Daisy is known as “Quake: Destroyer of Worlds.” Galactus is going to be pissed.


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