“A Life Earned” And A [Spoiler] Returned On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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For being in outer space, the S.H.I.E.L.D. team is facing some pretty basic human dilemmas. Genetic engineering. Slavery. Tyrannical rulers. So, your basic dystopian nightmare. And things aren’t really getting better.

As the property of Kasius, Daisy has some blood taken and is then escorted to the fighting arena. She meets a twentysomething Inhuman named Ben (thanks IMDB) who can hear others’ thoughts. It serves him well in hand to hand combat. In the few minutes they have together, Daisy tries to convince Ben to join her in an uprising but he refuses. He tells her the Inhumans tolerate Kasius selling them off because their families are rewarded and the alternative is their families are hurt or killed.

Kasius has figured out Daisy and Simmons are together but he’s not convinced Daisy is telling the truth when she said it’s just the two of them. He questions them together, although Simmons can’t hear anything Daisy says. And Ben is there as a human lie detector. What Kasius doesn’t know is Ben can also send his thoughts to someone else. So when Daisy tells the story of how they arrived on the space station, he relays the story to Simmons, meaning their stories match. Later, Ben tells Daisy he also read Kasius’ thoughts and the Kree leader intends to destroy the space station when he leaves.

Deke lies to May and Coulson that Daisy is off doing a solo spy mission but they aren’t fooled. However, they do need his help to get them down to level 35 where Kree tech is supposedly kept. He agrees only after they play him the transmission sent to Virgil from Earth. Level 35 turns out to have less tech and more biology, namely a new baby. The Kree have sterilized the remaining humans and create babies from genetic samples taken from Inhumans because it increases the chances those children will also be Inhumans.

Once they discover this, and find out Daisy had her blood drawn the day before, Coulson and May know Deke is lying. They hardly have time to confront him before all three of them are forced to fend off two Kree guards who find them. Deke is stabbed during the melee, so May sends him and Coulson to safety while she stays to take on Sinara, Kasius’ right-hand woman. The fight ends with Sinara having the upper hand but we don’t see May’s fate.

Over in salvage, Mack is having a hard time adjusting to the cruel tendencies of Grill. The junkyard boss asks Mack to rough up a man named Gunner, who owes him money. Elena goes with a reluctant Mack and at first it’s all talk and using Mack’s obvious muscles as a threat. When Gunner says he can’t pay yet because he is preparing for a “package,” Mack makes threats against the package. They don’t know until too late the package is a baby.

Gunner responds that Mack is a monster who doesn’t deserve a child and that pushes all of Mack’s angry buttons. He throws several hard punches, inadvertently doing exactly what Grill wanted him to. It also opens up the still-fresh wound of losing Hope, his daughter, in the Framework. Mack wonders if Gunner is right to say he would be a bad father but Elena assures him otherwise. Someone hug that man already!

Although they don’t know where May is, the team does have Deke on their side, or as much on their side as he’ll get. The voice of Virgil’s contact is Deke’s father, who he assumed died years ago. That may mean many of the people sent to Earth’s surface to die are alive. Deke intends to help S.H.I.E.L.D. find out. In the meantime, they lock Deke in his room. Probably a smart move.

And finally, we return to Kasius’ part of the station where he has assembled the wealthy from around the galaxy to bid on Daisy. One potential bidder steps forward, their face covered by a mask and voice altered. He suggests Daisy be made to fight to the death. And when he removes his mask… it’s Fitz.

Field Notes

Is it just me, or are Deke and the Kree guards dressed alike?

Also, does anyone else think Deke and Kasius look similar? Like maybe they’re related?

Coulson: “No, this is the part where May breaks your face.”


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