The Penultimate Mindy Project Is Easy As ABC: Africa, Braby Showers, And Cancer

Credit: Hulu

“Danny in Real Life” marks the penultimate episode of our beloved The Mindy Project. This week’s episode featured a lot of drama, but also allowed some of our favorite characters to tie up those stray loose ends. Here we go…

Danny Knows

Mindy and Annette walk into Mindy’s office one morning to find Danny in there, ready to pounce. After the nurse brought Annette’s bag to Jeremy in the previous episode, it is clear Jeremy went to console his oblivious friend on his mom’s cancer diagnosis. Annette apologizes and all is forgiven between mother and son. Mindy is still on his shit list, though, along with everyone else in the office at Schulman and Associates.

During Annette’s next chemo appointment, Mindy receives a phone call that Annette has requested her presence once again. Danny is his normal, irritable self, and will not stop having a hissy fit and upsetting everyone. We are guessing that part of it is the upset of finding out his Ma has cancer, and the other part is that he is a miserable person. After Danny tells the nurse how to do his job and blows up at Mindy, Mindy makes a quiet exit. Later in the day, Annette kicks an overbearing Danny out of her room and tells him that he is the worst part of chemo. Ouch.

At the dinner table, Annette and Danny talk things out. She encourages her son to relax, let go of the anger, and let nature take its course. “We don’t need to create our own rain clouds,” she tells him.

Into Africa

At the office’s morning meeting, Anna announces that she will be hosting Tamra’s “braby shower,” and Mindy is not having it. Since she hired Tamra and introduced her and Morgan, she thinks she should be able to throw the shower(s). Jeremy makes the final call that Anna will host, and the team moves on.

Jody takes the floor next, and makes the declaration that he has fallen in love and that the couple is moving to Africa. And Colette is going with them! Nooo! The team of doctors freak out that they will have no nurses, what with the honeymoon and Tamra’s maternity leave coming up. Oh, and they will miss them both.

Luckily for the office, after attending the instructional presentation, Colette is having second thoughts and begs Morgan to shoot her in the foot so she can not go. When she is reassured that she could go, even injured, Colette admits to Jody and the rest of the braby shower that she does not want to go.

After Mary confronts her at the office, Mindy comes to Jody’s defense at the braby shower. She reminds everyone that there isn’t anyone in the office who hasn’t sacrificed everything for true love: “There’s Morgan and Tamra, Jeremy and Anna, or Beverly and the Green River Killer.” Mindy wants everyone to let up on the criticism of Jody, since they are all hopeless romantics.

Jody prepares to leave on better terms with everyone except Jeremy. He and Colette say their goodbyes for three years, and he assures his younger sister that she can stay in his giant townhouse and hold down the fort while he is gone.

After a stern talking-to from Anna, Jeremy realizes how rude he has been. He finally realizes that the reason he has been so angry with Jody is not because he is losing a colleague, but because he is losing his best friend. Jeremy makes a dramatic run through the rainy streets of NYC and makes a romantic declaration of friendship to Jody and wishes him well.

Just as everyone says their final goodbyes to Jody, and we think we have made it out of this episode unscathed, he informs Mindy that he will be pulling his equity from Later, Baby.

Old Habits Die Hard

Late that same evening, Danny shows up at Mindy’s apartment and asks if he can come in for a beer. Playing it cool and mature, Mindy invites him in and doesn’t give him any shit for being so rude earlier at Annette’s appointment. Danny fills Mindy in on the doctor’s diagnosis that chemo and a double mastectomy is the best form of action for treating Annette’s breast cancer.

Mindy is happy to be let back into the conversation and says she would love to send Annette a care package when all is said and done. Danny refuses, though, and says that he wants her there through the surgery and treatment. “You have a good effect on Ma. And on me.” Record scratch.

“I have a good effect on you,” she asks. “You heard what I said,” Danny said with a smirk. And just like that, it seems these two are back to square one.

Abby Bertrand