The Mindy Project May Be Winding Down, But The Drama Sure Isn’t

Credit: Hulu

The final season of The Mindy Project is winding down, and Mindy is finally finding her way back to herself. By finding her way back to herself, of course we mean that she is on the hunt for instant happiness and gratification. So what has our favorite gal been up to?


Mindy has grown disgusted with the happy couples in her life: Tamra and Morgan, and Leo and his girlfriend. It is on a whim she decides to just go for it and go on the honeymoon Ben had planned for the two of them. It is time for Mindy to get back on the saddle and a random chosen by her soon-to-be ex-husband is apparently the best way to do that!

On the flight to Boise, Idaho, Mindy meets one attractive man and one super annoying older woman. When she makes it to the resort, she is surprised to find that Two Turtles Resort is actually a wellness retreat that requires a lot of physical activity. After the resort finds out she is traveling alone, they bump her from her suite to a double room with twin-size beds – with Martha, the woman from the plane, as her roommate.

As part of the Mindy farewell tour, she runs into another of her exes, none other than Pastor Casey. With his wife. Who is 22. Yikes!

The second day at the retreat involves a very long hike, where Mindy is left behind to fend for herself. When she takes a tumble down into a ravine and gets stuck in a cave, things get interesting. Just as she is leaving a farewell video on her phone for Leo and Morgan, a wild Reese Witherspoon appears and tells her to snap out of it.

When Mindy references the book Wild, Reese has had enough. She says, “If you had read [the book] or watched the movie, you would know that life isn’t about finding a man, it’s about finding yourself.” Reese then tears into the silly plots of several romantic comedies she has starred in, claiming that life doesn’t always have a happy ending. After Mindy demands back all the money she’s spent on tickets to Reese’s movies, the apparition of the actress disappears.

Mindy finally frees herself by cutting off her braid with toenail clippers and returns to the resort, all set to leave the hellhole. As she is loading her bags into the trunk of the taxi, she overhears/eavesdrops on a conversation between Casey and his new wife, Babe (yes, that’s her name). It seems the two are working on having a baby and Casey isn’t holding up his end of the bargain.

When Babe storms off, Mindy approaches Casey and talks with him from a place of compassion. After all, she works with women every day that are dying to get pregnant. Casey admits that, at 38, he still feels like a kid himself and isn’t necessarily ready to be a dad, but Mindy assures him that he is. This is one of the very few times that Mindy does something selfless, and she gets bitch slapped for it anyway, when Babe returns to find the two hugging it out.

Back in their room, Mindy and Martha bond over junk food and loneliness. Martha shares that she and her husband used to visit Two Turtles every year, but he passed away in February. It is learning of Martha’s loss that actually prompts Mindy to try to embrace loving herself and getting her shit together. And, as always, of course there is a glimmer in Mindy’s eye when Martha mentions that she pictures Mindy with someone feisty who can keep up with her and isn’t afraid to tell her to shut up. I think we can all guess who that is…


The C Word

Mindy is visiting oncology in St. Brendan’s hospital when she runs into Annette. When Annette will not give away any information on why she is there seeing a doctor and swears her to secrecy, Mindy can only assume one thing: cancer.

When she ambushes Annette at her next appointment, her ex-almost-mother-in-law explains that they found a lump on her last mammogram that turned out to be malignant. Annette refuses to tell Danny because he will absolutely freak and does not handle trauma well. Mindy continues to check up on Annette and help in any way she can. It all comes to a head when it seems that Annette is not making chemotherapy a priority. While Mindy encourages Annette to maintain some normalcy, she also wants to make sure that the woman is getting the treatment she needs.

Elsewhere, Jody is still playing the long game when it comes to wooing Dr. Mary Hernandez. After he shows up at her office with flowers, she agrees to a date. Surprisingly enough, it goes well and the two hit it off… in more than one way. Mary makes it very clear later that night that the relationship is nothing serious and she doesn’t plan to settle down any time soon. It turns out that Mary has plans to go to Africa and work for Doctors without Borders for some time. Jody gets depressed by the whole situation, and eventually comes to realize that it is because he is in love.

Happy couples are everywhere, and that includes Tamra and Morgan. The two are busy planning their wedding and Tamra is converting to “Morgan’s religion,” which is never really named, so we can only assume is a cult. Tamra’s pregnancy is progressing nicely and she even is practicing mothering by offering Jody some advice on his love life, prompting him to admit his love for Mary and join Doctors without Borders.

Of course it is surprising when Mindy receives a call from the sassy nurse in oncology, telling her that Annette is demanding that Mindy come to her aid. Annette has kicked her BFF out of the appointment and, it seems, out of her life. We come to discover that Dottie had told Annette she needed to create a will, which Mindy backed. The two boisterous women share a tender moment, in which Annette once again thanks Mindy for not telling Danny. Mindy tells her – again – that she should really tell Danny before he finds out from someone else…

Abby Bertrand