Tessa Thompson Reveals Star Support For All-Female Marvel Movie

Credit: Marvel Studios

With the success of Wonder Woman over the summer, fans might be wondering whether Marvel plans to take up the torch with its impressive array of female superheroes.

Recently Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie) spoke to Comic Book Resources about Thor: Ragnarok, when she mentioned that a pitch she made to Marvel head Kevin Feige for an all-female flick has some big support.

Thompson has mentioned her pitch before. This is the first time she has elaborated on quite how up for the idea her fellow female superheroes are.

The group discussing the pitch included Brie Larson (Captain Marvel – filming due to start in February), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Pom Klementieff (Mantis), and Karen Gillan (Nebula).

Thompson said, “We were just sort of all in a semicircle talking, and it just came up, because none of us really worked together – well, I suppose Zoe, and Karen, and Pom – and wouldn’t it be nice if we could all work together?”

Thompson and the group were speculating on whether it might happen in Infinity War. They decided, “’No, we should just have a whole movie where we know every day we’re going to arrive and get to work together.’ So we just ran right up to Kevin Feige and started talking about it.”

Feige is apparently quite open to new ideas about how the MCU might progress. Thompson was enthusiastic about the reception ideas get from him.

You always get general interest from him…. he’s really open to collaboration and wants to hear what we’re interested in.”

When the idea of an all-female superhero movie was mentioned in a previous CBR.com interview, something that came up from Marvel Comics was a group called the Lady Liberators (yes, well, the title might need some work…). This was a 1970’s all-female team, instigated by Amora The Enchantress, who disguised herself as Valkyrie and manipulated other female superheroes to perform her bidding.

The lineup included characters which are currently part of the MCU, such as The Wasp, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow. This team was reconstituted in the comics in 2008, headed up by She-Hulk as A-Force

Personally I feel the time is right for such an MCU offering. Will we get one? I think we should watch this space…

Carolyn Hucker