Team Arrow Faces Arrests, Anti-Vigilante Bills, And A Miracle In “Thanksgiving” Episode

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Happy belated Thanksgiving! While some of us stuffed their faces with turkey over the weekend, our masked vigilantes had a bit of a tough time. In last Thursday’s episode of Arrow, Oliver was faced with what could be his toughest foe yet – the law, while the team was facing Cayden James. Still, they all get to celebrate “Thanksgiving”.

Star City is in a thanks giving mood, and Mayor Queen has arranged a food drive to provide a feast to those less fortunate, where he is aided by Felicity and William. One could say it is the first public outing for them as a family, and one could shed a few tears over that fact. Felicity is even cornered by a journalist, before Oliver reminds them she is a civilian (not yet a Queen!) and should be kept out of the spotlight.

Unfortunately the shindig is interrupted by the FBI, as Agent Watson barges in to arrest Oliver, publicly naming him as the Green Arrow. The number of charges includes several accounts of murder, as well as assault, kidnapping, and, of course, vigilantism. However, what angers Oliver is not that Watson had him arrested in public, but that it was in front of William. Our hero has grown up to be a caring and fiercely protective father, and it’s beautiful to witness.

With Oliver in jail for the time being, Curtis continues his search for a solution for Diggle’s nerve damage. He uses a prototype of an implant that he had been working on with Felicity, hoping it will eventually work towards repairing the nerve the same way it worked with Felicity’s spine.

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Of course, with everything going on it would be too nice if Team Arrow could catch a break. But there ain’t no rest for the wicked, and Cayden James uses his goons and Black Siren to successfully retrieve a nano-thermite device. After doing so, Black Siren and her men break into Amertek, and while the team tries to interfere, evil Laurel manages to steal a large amount of explosives. Combining them with the nano-thermite could result in a catastrophic blast.

In the fight, Diggle’s recent implant shows some terrifying side-effects, that a doctor later blames on an off-putting mix of withdrawal symptoms and a reaction to an untested experimental treatment. He is advised to stay in the hospital for a while, and the team has to function without him.

Oliver’s arrest has not only resulted in a spike in approval from the public for the Mayor, but also in support against the anti-vigilante bill. Dinah offers to help break him out of prison, but Oliver refuses, stating that he can’t become a fugitive and leave his son behind. This time, he’s doing things the right way, for his son.

With Felicity, William, and the family attorney by his side he heads into his arraignment, only for the case to proceed to trial. Oliver is released on bail – with a very expensive bond that Felicity decides to pay with the Angel investment she and Curtis had received for their start-up.

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Oliver decides to confront John about lying to him about his nerve damage, and the men have a fall-out. Oliver is disappointed with his friend, his brother in arms, for not just going out there while compromised, but compromising the whole team while doing so. John in return claims he had put his own life on hold, and had put Oliver’s life, mission, and family before his own.

Eventually the men kiss and make up, metaphorically speaking of course, and Oliver learns that due to his usage of the illegal drug, John’s nerve damage has spread to his back, and if he continues to go out into the field, he could end up being paralyzed. John opens up to Oliver about how he has always dreamed of being the Green Arrow, and that it was an honor for him to put on the suit.

After using one of Helix’s very own algorithms to determine which event and location Cayden James is most likely targeting to maximise the damage, the team learns that the most likely location in Starling Stadium, where Billy Joel is set to perform. Oliver tries to have the event cancelled, but without definite proof he is powerless. He has no other choice but to put his green hood back on and support his team.

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Together Team Arrow try to both locate the bomb before it detonates, and to evacuate the area, but they are stopped by a fake police force provided by James himself. Eventually Oliver learns that James had planted a trap to meet the Green Arrow face to face, just to tell him he blames the vigilante for his own son’s death, which is the reason he is coming for him.

Felicity’s research into Cayden’s claims show that there was a boy named Owen Post, but the boy never lived with his father. The boy went missing and has never been found, but the team cannot find a connection to the Green Arrow. Before they can continue looking into the matter, they receive news that a video of the vigilantes attacking the police has been published.

The video causes the public to turn on the masked heroes, and the anti-vigilante bill passes. Begrudgingly, Oliver has to make an announcement, recognizing and respecting the wish of the people. Afterwards, the Queen family return to the hospital to be with John, where William thanks him for protecting his father by being the Green Arrow. Despite having to lie to his son, Oliver tells John he will secretly fill in as the Green Arrow until they have found a treatment for John, and he is fully healed.

Before the team can leave they receive note that Thea Queen’s status has changed. Oliver rushes to his sister’s room just to find that she has woken from her coma. It’s a Thanksgiving miracle! As the episode ends and we have been reduced to a puddle of feels, Oliver gets to spend the rest of Thanksgiving with the most important people in his life. It’s the calm before the storm – because after six years we have learned that nothing on Arrow ever stays peaceful.

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Favorite Lines

William: Did Oliver save you?
Felicity: He is heroic that way.
Oliver: She was doing just fine on her own.

Felicity: Hell of a Thanksgiving.
Oliver: I’ve never had more to be thankful for.

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