Taika Waititi Talks About THOSE Cameos In Thor Ragnarok

Credit: Marvel

So we would like to straight up announce that if you have yet to see Thor: Ragnarok, then this article may not be for you.

For those of us who have seen it, and some of us have seen it more than once, there’s no denying the cameos included were some of the best-kept secrets in cinema.  Although, this IS Marvel and that’s something they are good at doing when they want to.

Moviegoers were delighted to see Matt Damon don the black wig and green leather of our anti-hero Loki, a role Tom Hiddleston has embodied in four films to date.  The scene where ‘Odin’ (Loki in disguise) watches a play about Loki’s heroic death on Svartelheim had crowds oo-ing and ah-ing.  But there was more, playing the role of Thor was none other than Luke Hemsworth, real-life brother of titular character Thor played by Chris. Iconic actor Sam Neill fulfilled the role of Odin in the hilarious over the top production.

Taika Waititi, who also has a role in his movie, told The Hollywood Reporter why he decided to use the play-within-a-movie device, which is very Shakespearean we have to say.

“I wanted to have an interesting way of returning to see Loki as Odin. Because I don’t know if people would remember him from the end of Thor: Dark World as sitting on the throne,” Waititi said.  He disclosed that the team first considered to see Loki at a wine tasting or having his portrait painted, they eventually came up with the idea that Loki had written a play about himself, because as Waititi said it’s “the most narcissistic thing Loki could do,”

Of course, there is also the cameo by Stan Lee in one of his funniest to date – the Edward Scissorhands style hairdresser.  So, maybe that’s not war paint on a short-haired Thor but blood?

Thor: Ragnarok is currently setting worldwide box offices ablaze and is certainly a totally different slant to the two previous movies, this one paying a great homage to creator Jack Kirby in its styling.   It’s got gags aplenty and some really interesting sounds thanks to the Mark Mothersbaugh soundtrack.  There is also a few very cultural jokes just for the Aussies and Kiwis for a change.

Thor: Ragnarok is currently in cinemas worldwide.

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