Mishaps, Mayhem, And The Ladies Save The Day In “Girls Night Out” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week, we met Barry’s frenemy Ralph Dibny, who gained Mr. Fantastic like powers on the bus. While a crude and an asshole, he proved to be an ultimately decent guy. He even, unknowingly, provided Barry that familiar name “DeVoe”.

This week, however, it’s time for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. While the boys get in trouble, it’s up for the women to save the day against Amunet Black (Katee Sackhoff).

So let’s see how things go, shall we?

Lowkey? Nah: Ralph has clearly gotten ahold of his stretching powers. While Barry, Harry, and Cisco try to figure out who the hell DeVoe is. Felicity arrives at that moment and points out the shitty security at STAR Labs. She then gets weirded out by Ralph’s powers and goes to meet the girls. Caitlin checks a flight ticket, but hides it when Felicity and Iris comes in. She tries to back out of it, but is goaded into it. Cecile and Joan talk about the baby (a boy!) when the men arrive for the bachelor party. Cecile’s invites her daughter along, but she begs off. The gentlemen watch old home movies (featuring adorable babu Barry!) with brandy. Joe seems to have a bit of panic at his age in comparison to being a dad again. Ralph, who wasn’t invited, walks in and trashes the plans before dragging them all out. The ladies enjoy their dinner when the creepy one eye comes in for Caitlin. He says Amunet wants her, but she refuses to go. We then see what is behind that glass eye, which is a creepy hand thing. That is officially the nastiest thing I have seen on this show.

Oh God The Eye: Apparently this guy has a lot of power behind it. Felicity and Iris try to fight him off, but Caitlin turns into Killer Frost and fights him off. She takes a swig of alcohol. Ralph has taken the boys to a strip club. The guys have to give up the cell phones as well. Cisco has also given Barry a little something to make them drunk. Barry’s cellphone starts ringing. At STAR Labs, Frost wants to change and then go kill Amunet. Felicity and Cecile aren’t leaving Iris to deal with this. Frost leaves and Felicity goes to track her. At the strip club, Barry is super drunk and Ralph is using his powers to steal some money. Then we learn that Cecile’s daughter is a stripper. Killer Frost goes to confront Amunet at the club, who is not giving Frost up. All around the dance floor, people are taking some kind of drugs called “Love”. Iris leaves Cecile and Felicity to follow Killer Frost. Amunet introduces her to Weeper, whose tears are the Love drug. Frost remains firm. She’s done. It looks like a Frost vs Blacksmith fight is about to happen when Iris steps in. Eye-Guy offers to stop them, but Amunet says that they need to let Frost think she can walk away.

Frosty Past: Killer Frost gives the rundown about Amunet and Caitlin. Amunet gave Caitlin some tech that lets her be in charge. In exchange, she had to become the muscle. Killer Frost plans on leaving because no way Amunet is getting her. Iris, Cecile, and Felicity make plans to take down Amunet. Joe and Joan talk about the stripping. She is writing a book on the female experience. Ralph keeps interrupting them and Barry is super drunk. At STAR Labs, Iris talks with Frost saying that she believes there is goodness in her. Frost instead plans to leave this Earth and start over again. At the club, things get bad for the boys. Joe asks Joan to consider her mother in this and why she hasn’t told her. Ralph is caught stealing twenty dollars and fighting breaks out. Barry is still super plastered and it is hilarious. Frost prepares to leave Earth-1, but the meta doesn’t show. Instead Amunet shows and kicks her ass, turning her back into Caitlin. The police arrive, allowing Caitlin to escape, and Amunet knocks them out. Amunet is still going to hunt Caitlin down though.

Bonds: Caitlin stitches up her wounds with Iris helping. She asks Iris what happened, not remembering when Frost is in control. Caitlin thought that she could atone for what she did with Amunet. She didn’t know who to talk to. After all, she and Iris are only work friends. In the CCPD, everyone is in lock-up and Ralph tries to get out. Cisco wants him to stop talking. Meanwhile, Barry is just in the worst shape and throwing up in the toilet. Barry asks why Joe is so preoccupied. It’s his age. He is almost fifty after all and he’s scared. Barry points out that Joe raised him and Iris alone. He was alone when Wally came into their lives. Now he has Cecile and his family backing them up. Harry comes to bail them all out. At STAR Labs, the ladies try to figure out how to track Amunet and stop the drug from spreading. Caitlin refuses to help, not wanting to become a liability. The others leave with plans of stopping Amunet and rescuing the Weeper themselves. (I would at least leave Cecile.) At the warehouse, Amunet meets with the buyers for the Weeper while Iris and Felicity ready their weapons. Of course, they’re stopped from going further.

Ladies Night: Iris and Felicity are brought out to Amunet, but Caitlin comes to meet them. She has deal. Let them go and she comes back to work for her. Amunet, however, has made up her mind. Frost, however, knocks the hired muscle back and Amunet prepares to kill them. Iris realizes they are in a steel factory and has Cecile turn the magnets on. Cecile turns on the magnet, ridding Amunet of her metal. Frost is about kill Amunet, but Iris stops her. She gets to decide who she is. Frost decides not to kill Amunet. Amunet promises to ruin Caitlin one day while Iris frees Weeper, who makes a run for it.

Night End: Barry, Cisco, and Ralph return to STAR where Iris meets them. The night seems to get worse when they see Frost waiting for them. Iris says they need to listen. She turns back to Caitlin and tells them everything. Joan meets Joe at the house who wants to check in on him. Joan knows that she took it too far, but realized that it’s not why she’s working her. Ecile arrives with Big Belly Burger as her first craving hit. Cecile and Joan make plans for breakfast in the morning. Joe tells Cecile she is a miracle and that the kid is a miracle. Both of them admit how scared they are about becoming parents again. Cecile thinks they need to love the baby. Caitlin and Iris head out and make plans to hang out in the future. Iris asks Caitlin to be her maid of honor because weddings are new beginnings and they are more than work friends. The two share a hug. Weeper continues to run away, climbing the fence when the Thinker take a shot at him. He cannot have Weeper running away until he completes his task.

Bec Heim