Kara And Alex Return To “Midvale” On This Week’s Episode Of Supergirl

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Hey Supergirl fans.

Last week, Maggie and Alex officially broke-up last week in probably the most mature way I ever remember seeing on television. (Although, let’s be real, lots of it could have been executed better.) Meanwhile, Sam and Kara team-up to help Lena who had been targeted by Morgan Edge. Edge poisoned children in order to put the blame on Lena, due to her lead dispersal device at the end of season two. The end of the episode sees Kara and Alex making plans to head home and deal with their broken hearts.

Now let’s see what happens when the sisters Danvers return home, shall we?

Home: We open with a sick view of a winding highway as the sisters Danvers drive down in J’onn’s spaceship car. Eliza greets them at the door with a big hug. Alex goes to shower while Kara sits outside. Eliza comes baring coffee and sympathy. They both are worried about Alex, but she’s more worried about Kara. Eliza tells Kara to not close herself off. Kara, however, is accepting that she’s not human. She can’t have certain things in her life because of it. She’s happy with it, but Eliza thinks she’s not happy. Meanwhile, Alex is drinking. (Is it me or does she drink a lot?) Kara tries to offer sympathy and get Alex to talk, but Alex is not having it. Not after Kara shut herself off for six months. They two sisters snipe at each other and go to bed. We then wake up IN THE PAST! Teen Alex and Teen Kara have the morning fight over the bathroom with Kara using super speed to get it. The two of them say that they hate each other.

School Days: We see a typical morning at the Danvers household. Kara has trouble with history, but excels in Math and Science. She was also a bit of a brat when she first arrived. Alex and Kara compete with each other at school. While Alex is popular, Kara has trouble fitting in. She does have one friend, Kenny, who gets picked on by football players. He does, however, encourage Kara to keep trying with Alex and not to get impatient with her. That night, Kara and Kenny meet in a clearing where they stargaze and look at Kenny’s computer program, Galileo. Both of them talk for a while about the stars and other planets. There is an almost kiss, and Kara is glad Kenny’s her friend. After the rendezvous, Kara sneaks inside. Alex tells Kara that she is not worth all they have been through as a family. At school the next day, a cop car drives past. Kara hears the dispatch: a male body was found near where she was with Kenny last night. She uses her powers to get there where the cops are gathered around Kenny’s body. (God I hope that name wasn’t a South Park reference.)

The Mystery Machine: Kara stands in front of Kenny’s decorated locker, crying. She’s so angry about how people pretend like they knew Kenny. When Alex offers condolences, Kara says that she’s just as bad as the rest. The jackass jock walks past and makes a comment about Kenny. Kara goes after him, wanting to know what Kenny had on him. Apparently, he smokes pot and Kenny was going to tell. Kara goes to see Kenny’s parents and Mrs. Lee said that Kenny’s telescope is missing. Kara promises to find it, but the sheriff ushers her off. He tells her not to look for it, but Kara goes looking for it. Alex was there already, wanting to think about Kenny who tutored her when she was failing Calculus. (I have a hard time believing Alex Danvers ever failed Calculus.) Kara finds Kenny’s laptop, but Alex wants to hold up bringing it to the police. At least, until, they have a new suspect in mind. Back in their room, they look through the computer. A Smallville reference is also made when Kara talks about Clark’s friend Chloe. They find that Kenny took a picture of their history teacher, Mister Bernard, with Alex’s friend Josie in a romantic situation.

Lies and Secrets: Alex confronts Josie about her and Mister Bernard. Josie tells Alex not to go to the cops, but Alex refuses to back down. Mister Bernard is a pedophile, no matter what he tells her. Alex calls the cops with the information while Josie goes to see Bernard. Alex and Kara take a walk later that night. Kara tells Alex about how guilty she feels about Kenny’s death, but Alex assures her Kenny wouldn’t want her to feel guilty. As the sisters walk, they are almost run off the road by a car. Kara, however, is able to save Alex. Afterwards, the cops take their statement while Eliza drives up. When they get home, Eliza sends Alex to do homework. With Kara, she tells her not to be a hero. She’s a kid right now. She cannot put herself in danger like that. If Kara won’t listen to Eliza, then maybe she’ll listen to…Alura?!

Safety: It’s not her mother, but an FBI agent that happened to look like her. (Oh hey, J’onn.) In a scene that would have made more sense if it was Clark (or J’onn disguised as Clark), the agent tells Kara that she can’t use her powers. At least not right now. Kara tells the agent about how much she hates Earth and how much she misses her home. Right now, however, she has to be human or she’s going to get people hurt. Josie comes to the house. Bernard is in jail and she’s grounded, but she was with Bernard when Kara and Alex were almost run off the road. Alex tries to get Kara to come with her to figure out what happened, but Kara refuses. She’s human now. Alex storms out to find someone who will help her. At the football game, she approaches the Sheriff and tells him about the laptop. While he gets her alone, Kara gets the picture back from Chloe. Turns out? Sheriff is dealing drugs. Kara calls Alex and tells her, but it’s too late. The Sheriff has a gun on her.

Confession: Alex tries to convince the Sheriff that she sent the laptop to the news station, but he presses redial on her flip phone. Alex is able to shout a message to Kara. After debating for a minute, Kara comes to Alex’s rescue. Alex tells off the Sheriff, who got into drug running because he hates his job. Kara breaks down a wall, which knocks out the Sheriff. The girls are thrilled by the save. At school, Kara and Alex share lunch together. Heroes they may be, but everyone hates them for what they did. Kara has more picture from Chloe, which is her flying. Kenny knew but liked her anyway. She has, however, decided to firmly remain human. Alex promises to be a better sister to Kara. That night, the girls are laughing when Eliza brings in a telescope. A gift from Mrs. Lee.

The Present: Alex wakes up the next morning to find Kara looking through Kenny’s telescope. They talk about Kenny and remember him. Kara still feels out of sorts on Earth, but Alex is her home. Kara and Alex apologize to each other. Alex thanks Kara for bringing her here. Kara promises she is getting better, but she needs to show it. Right now, they’re together and that’s all the sisters need. Kara and Alex head off with Eliza hugging and encouraging them. They get a text from J’onn to meet them at the DEO. The two sisters drive off in J’onn’s car singing all the way. It’s so cute.

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